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Drivers of ORCHIDEE model

ORCHIDEE needs several forcing data in order to run correctly. The number of requested data is dependant of the configuration used.

In On-Line mode, the data needed are related to soil texture and color. If the vegetation is prescribed, ORCHIDEE needs in addition a vegetation information defining the fraction of each PFT per gridcell. Vegetation types gathered in these vegetation maps can be either PFT or Holson categories.

In Off-Line mode, ORCHIDEE is forced by weather data based on observations or climate model reanalysis. Last, depending of the options activated within a run of ORCHIDEE, additional maps might be used for irrigation, slope for routing scheme, ...

Soil texture and color data

Vegetation information

Holson map

Global Land Use modeling data formatted for ORCHIDEE

Future projections based on RCP's

Weather data

CRU data

NCC dataset

NCC is a 53-year forcing data set from 1948 to 2000 with a 6-hourly time step resolution and a spatial resolution of 1° × 1°. It is based on the National Centers for Environmental Prediction/National? Center for Atmospheric Research reanalysis project and a number of independent in situ observations. For more information, and

ERA-interim dataset

CRU-NCEP dataset

Fluxnet dataset



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