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    2121== How do I run this version? == 
    2222The instructions to download and extract ORCHIDEE are found [ here]. When you check-out the model, you also check-out OCRHIDEE_OL, where OOL_SEC_STO_FG1trans, OOL_SEC_STO_FG2 and SPINUP_ANALYTIC_FG1 have been updated. Use configuration comes with a choice of parameter files that can be used for runs with 3, 13, 15 (default), 28, 37 or 64 PFTs. OOL_SEC_STO_FG4 and OOL_SEC_STO_FG5 are configurations in which classic CAN functionality is used: species, age classes, forest management and litter raking.  
     24== Known issues == 
     25Below are temporary solutions to known issues. We are working towards a more permanent solution which will be committed but for the time being you need to make the following changes manually 
     27=== Compilation ===  
     28Modifications to implement at LSCE Obelix (2021/04)[[BR]] 
     30Following an upgrade of compilers, two files have to be modified:[[BR]] 
     31- modipsl/config/ORCHIDEE_OL/ARCH/arch-ifort_LSCE.env 
     34module load gcc/5.2.0 
     38module load gcc/8.3.0 
     40- modipsl/modeles/ORCHIDEE/arch/arch-ifort_LSCE.fcm 
     43%DEBUG_FFLAGS        -fpe0 -O0 -g -traceback -fp-stack-check -ftrapuv -check bounds -check all -check noarg_temp_created 
     47%DEBUG_FFLAGS        -fpe0 -O0 -g -traceback -fp-stack-check -warn shape -ftrapuv -check bounds -check all -check noarg_temp_created 
    2450== Functionalities (alphabetical order) == 
    138164Describes r6614. The concentration of C13 in the leaves can be calculated by setting '''ok_c13''' to y in the run.def. This calculation follows Farquhar's approach and is currently limited to the fractionation in the leaves. Following changes to the recalculation of GPP under plant water stress the calculation of Ci is no longer accurate. This may have broken the functionality to calculate C13. Needs to be tested. 
    141 === Compilation === 
    142 Modifications to implement at LSCE (2021/04)[[BR]] 
    143 Following an upgrade of compilers, two files have to be modified:[[BR]] 
    144 - modipsl/config/ORCHIDEE_OL/ARCH/arch-ifort_LSCE.env 
    145 {{{ 
    146 < module load gcc/8.3.0 
    147 --- 
    148 > module load gcc/5.2.0 
    149 }}} 
    150 - modipsl/modeles/ORCHIDEE/arch/arch-ifort_LSCE.fcm 
    151 {{{ 
    152 < %DEBUG_FFLAGS        -fpe0 -O0 -g -traceback -fp-stack-check -warn shape -ftrapuv -check bounds -check all -check noarg_temp_created 
    153 --- 
    154 > %DEBUG_FFLAGS        -fpe0 -O0 -g -traceback -fp-stack-check -ftrapuv -check bounds -check all -check noarg_temp_created 
    155 }}} 
    158166=== Configurations === 
    159167Describes r7144. The model comes with the following well-tested configurations (config/ORCHIDEE_OL). Well-tested means that these configuration have been tested on different servers and some are part of the trusting: