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Commit on the trunk

Here are some general guidelines for commiting into the trunk ORCHIDEE.

Before commit:

  • the code must be conform to the ORCHIDEE coding guidlines
  • the modifications must be tested on at least one platform using MPI parallelism (except if only comments are changed)

Some cases must be discussed in advance:

  • if the behavior of the model change. For example: change in parameter name in getin function, change in default value for some parameters, etc..
  • if the interface towards the atmosphere is changed
  • big modifications

During commit:

  • write a useful log message in english
  • use #X to refer to the ticket number X (the # will make a link directly to the ticket when visualizing the log message on the web)

After commit:

  • for important changes, make a note here: trunk
  • tell the project group if the results changed even for tiny changes. A new reference must then be done in the trunsting.
  • if related to a ticket, add a link to the commit in the ticket using [Y], where Y is the revision number on the commit. Close the ticket if all questions are treated.