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Compare run.defs from different model versions

Older versions of ORCHIDEE use a single run.def whereas newer version make use of a run.def an orchidee.def and a orchidee_pft.def. How to compare the single used run.def of an old version with these three new xxx.defs files? Also, following changes in the model configurations information could be moved from one xxx.def to another, i.e., a parameter could be made pft-specific. Laurent Fairhead (LMDz) proposed the following: (1) create a new file (make sure the permission for that file is rwx), (2) copy the script (see below in the file) and (3) run the script.

awk '!/^#/' $1 |awk '/\y/'| sort > tmp1
awk '!/^#/' $2 |awk '/\y/'| sort > tmp2
diff -y --suppress-common-lines tmp1 tmp2
\rm -r tmp1 tmp2