Introduction to the ORCHIDEE configurations using libIGCM

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Documentation for how to use ORCHIDEE with libIGCM and modipsl

ORCHIDEE is distributed using modipsl and scripts for libIGCM are available for running. Theses tools are developped by the Plateforme group at IPSL-CMC. To learn how to use these tools:

In complement to the igcmg_doc documentation, you find in this wiki specific information and help to use ORCHIDEE.

libIGCM is an a System Running Environment and workflow manager. It is used to manipulate input and output files for an executable (or a set of executables in a coupled configuration). libIGCM is a library of scripts to launch simulations and post-treatment. Modularity and portability make your jobs work on several machines(super-computer center) used at IPSL in the same way. libIGCM include a master job and auxiliary jobs for post-treatements. libIGCM is documented in the Plateforme documentation igcmg_doc mentioned above.

modipsl is used to extract a predefined configuration of a model. The model and needed tools are installed within a local version of modipsl at your account. modipsl is documented in the Plateforme documentation igcmg_doc mentioned above.

Available configurations defined in modipsl

Different predefined configurations in offline or coupled mode can be extracted by modipsl. See in this table, different versions of the source code for ORCHIDEE and there corresponding configurations.

ORCHIDEE version Offline config in modipsl Coupled config in modipsl Compilation Comments
ORCHIDEE trunk since rev 6614 ORCHIDEE_trunk LMDZOR_v6.4_work Script HEAD of version by default
ORCHIDEE_3 (in branches) ORCHIDEE_3 LMDZOR_v6.3_work Script HEAD of version by default
ORCHIDEE_2_2 (in branches) ORCHIDEE_2_2 LMDZOR_v6.2_work, IPSLCM6.2_work, ICOLMDZOR_v7 Makefile or Script Fixed revision which can be changed by contacting the Plateforme groupe.
ORCHIDEE_2_1 (in tags) ORCHIDEE_2_1 None Makefile Obsolete
ORCHIDEE_2_0 (in tags) ORCHIDEE_2_0 LMDZOR_v6.1.11, IPSLCM6.1.11 and all v6.1.x Makefile Fixed revision. Can be changed only when a new v6.1.12 is released. Contact plateforme groupe if needed.

Offline configurations

Read in the Plateforme documentation igcmg_doc about different offline configurations and the experiments they include here:

Coupled configurations

Read more about coupled configurations in the igcmg_doc documentation chapter Configuration here:

Note that configurations LMDZOR_v6.3 and LMDZOR_v6.4 are new configurations under development. They are not yet documented but uses the same method as LMDZOR_v6.2.

Specific offline experiments


Spinup of the model is needed to find a stable initial state for historical simulations.

Two particular experiments were defined for the spinup of carbon related variables (SPINUP_ANALYTIC_FG1 and SPINUP, which is not maintained) and SPINUP_ANALYTIC_FG1 can be adapted for the spinup of "faster" variables (water, heat, LAI).

Read more about Spinup : why, how and how long? The answer depends on the ORCHIDEE component.


With this experiment directory, you can change the forcing files and all parameters (by vegetation - PFTs - or not) to build all ENSEMBLE experiments you want with ORCHIDEE model.

For each experiment, this configuration will use the above SPINUP configuration as a skeleton to launch a set of jobs.

This ENSEMBLE configuration can be used for setting an ensemble of simulations over different FLUXNET sites. In this case, the vegetation repartition has to be prescribed. It provides a tool to validate ORCHIDEE model on a grid of sites (one point for each simulation) all over the world. It give fast spinup and simulation on a various set of vegetation and climate distributions.

See page Configuration ENSEMBLE to run ORCHIDEE at Fluxnet sites for a complete documentation on FLUXNET sites simulations.

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