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    3 == Documentation for ORCHIDEE_OL scripts using libIGCM == 
     3== Documentation for how to use ORCHIDEE with libIGCM and modipsl == 
    5 When you have installed ORCHIDEE and ORCHIDEE_OL source code for trunk version as 
    6 described in the [ course],  
    7 you will find in "modipsl"/config/ORCHIDEE_OL tree some directories for 
    8 scripts used to run ORCHIDEE in an off-line mode.  
     5ORCHIDEE is distributed using modipsl and scripts for libIGCM are available for running. To learn how to use these tools, read the [ platform/documentation] and to follow the [ platform courses]. Some of the documentations is still in french.[[BR]] 
    10 We strongly invite you to read other wiki and pdf documentation in addition of this 
    11 one : 
    12  1. [ platform/documentation] : User's guide to the model with IPSL's tools ; modipsl, libIGCM, rebuild, pack,.. Find here the lateset version of [ the platform course 1 in english]. The IPSL tools are used in the same way for all type of configurations from offline to fully coupled modele. The documentation is suitable for all IPSL modeles. 
     7In complement to the platform documentation, you find in this wiki specific information and help to use ORCHIDEE. [[BR]] 
    14 Some of those documentations are still in french. 
    16 == libIGCM == 
    18 libIGCM is an an Sytem Running Environment (SRE). It is used to manipulate input and output files for an executable (or a set of executables in a 
     11''libIGCM'' is an an Sytem Running Environment (SRE). It is used to manipulate input and output files for an executable (or a set of executables in a 
    1912coupled configuration). libIGCM is a library of scripts to launch simulations and posttreatment. Modularity and portability make your jobs work on a several machines(super-computer center) used at IPSL in the same way. libIGCM include a master job and auxilary jobs for post-treatements. libIGCM is documented in the platform/documentation mentioned above.  
    21 == Basic ORCHIDEE scripts == 
     14== Basic ORCHIDEE offline scripts == 
    2215The trunk version of the scripts are under developement. [wiki:Scripts/trunk Follow here the latest modifications.][[BR]] 
    6962   simulations. For that, you must verify that the variable is correctly output 
    7063   (right histdef and histwrite are created and calls in your version of the source 
    71    code). You must control that the variable is listed in the TimeSeriesVars option 
     64   code). You must control that the variable is listed in the !TimeSeriesVars option 
    7265   (2D or 3D list depends on the dimension of the variables) in the Post_1M_"your_component_history_file" 
    7366   section. Then it will be automaticly created if you have add the right line in 
    7669== [wiki:Scripts/SpinUpJobs SPINUP job] == 
     70'''''ORCHIDEE_OL/SPINUP is not longer maintained!!! 
     71We no advise to use OOL_SEC_STO with spinup analytic, see [wiki:HowTo/SpinupInJobBasic].''''' 
    7873Spin-up are the algorithms to get the convergence of a part of the surface model. 
    117112== ENSEMBLE job == 
     114''''' ORCHIDEE_OL/ENSEMBLE is not longer maintained!!!! ''''' 
    119116ENSEMBLE configuration give a generalization of FLUXNET sites script to run global 
    120117ENSEMBLE spinup and experiments.