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How to install ORCHIDEE without XIOS

XIOS or IOIPSL can be used to write output files in ORCHIDEE. The default method since revision XXX in ORCHIDEE trunk is by using XIOS. XIOS is installed by default when installing the model using modipsl. No modifications are needed to compile and run with XIOS at ada, curie and obelix.

It is still possible to work without XIOS. IOIPSL is then used for the output instead of XIOS. Note that IOIPSL must be installed in all cases because it is still used for restart file and reading of input files. Compling without XIOS is done by using gmake without_xios in config/ORCHIDEE_OL directory. Using this compile target will remove the option -xios from the list of argument to makeorchidee_fcm.

Example of installing the trunk without XIOS

Installing and compiling

svn co modipsl
cd modipsl/util
./model ORCHIDEE_trunk
cd ../config/ORCHIDEE_OL
gmake without_xios


The flag XIOS_ORCHIDEE_OK=n must be set to run without XIOS. This is done directly in run.def or in COMP/orchidee_ol.card by setting XIOS=n.