Login to work with ORCHIDEE

Author: J. Ghattas
Last revision: 2020/01/03, J. Ghattas

It is necessary to have 2 different kind of login to work with ORCHIDEE. Write to orchidee-help if you do not have them.

  • login forge
    • To access the full documentation at the wiki, to modify the wiki, to browse source code through the wiki, and to work with tickets.
    • This login can be for example ldupont, dupont, ldipsl or something else. If you work on several projects at forge, other than ORCHIDEE, you keep the same login.
    • You can create your first password or change it if you've forgotten it. Do it here : . (Note the number shown on the screen after your request because you need it together with the link sent by mail to activate the new password.)
    • Login in to wiki by using the button on the top right at one of the orchidee wiki pages (the current page for example).
  • login svn
    • To extract ORCHIDEE from svn in a terminal and to commit the working version of ORCHIDEE to svn.
    • This login is always firstname.lastname as for example .
    • The password is not the same as for the login forge. The password is given by your supervisor

Possible errors: If you already extracted the model using another login (sechiba for example), SVN will tell you that you do not have the permission if you try to extract a branch. First, you need to tell SVN the new login. Do as follow in a temporary folder on the same computer, change “yoursvnlogin” to your personal one:

svn co --username yoursvnlogin svn:// .
-> If it is the first time with this login in, you'll be asked for your passwd.
-> You can answer yes to store the password

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