Login to work with ORCHIDEE

Author: J. Ghattas
Last revision: 2023/01/24, J. Ghattas

It is necessary to have 2 different kind of login to work with ORCHIDEE. Write to orchidee-help if you do not have them.

  • login forge
    • To access the full documentation at the wiki, to modify the wiki, to browse source code through the wiki, and to work with tickets.
    • This login can be for example ldupont, dupont, ldipsl or something else. If you work on several projects at forge, other than ORCHIDEE, you keep the same login.
    • You can create your first password or change it if you've forgotten it. Do it here : . (Note the number shown on the screen after your request because you need it together with the link sent by mail to activate the new password.)
    • Login in to wiki by using the button on the top right at one of the orchidee wiki pages (the current page for example).
  • login svn
    • To extract ORCHIDEE from svn in a terminal and to commit the working version of ORCHIDEE to svn.
    • This login is always firstname.lastname as for example .
    • The password is not the same as for the login forge. The password is given by your supervisor
    • NOTE: a login and password is now needed to extract modipsl. This is mentioned in the weekly meeting minutes for April 4, 2022, though the details of the name and password are not given. Contact one of your colleagues if you do not have this information and if you run into issues updating or extracting the code.

And also:

  • login to extract modipsl, IOIPSL and libIGCM
    • login icmc_users
    • This is a generic login that everybody uses. Ask a collegue for the password.

Possible errors:

If you already extracted the model using another login svn (sechiba for example), SVN will tell you that you do not have the permission if you try to extract a branch. First, you need to tell SVN the new login. Do as follow in a temporary folder on the same computer, change “yoursvnlogin” to your personal one:

svn co --username yoursvnlogin svn:// .
-> If it is the first time with this login in, you'll be asked for your passwd.
-> You can answer yes to store the password

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