Error message : cp cannot stat

Author: J. Ghattas
Last revision: C. Ottle 2020/02/28

When using libIGCM, if you get an error in Script_Output file, please read carefully to understand the reason for the error. Below you see a message which shows that a file is missing. It can not be copied. Knowing this, you will have to find out why the file can not be copied and why it is not accessible. In the example below, the file context_orchidee.xml is missing:

IGCM_sys_Cp : /home/satellites10/jbari/ .
IGCM_sys_Cp : /home/satellites10/jbari/ .
IGCM_sys_Cp : /home/satellites10/jbari/ .
IGCM_sys_Cp : error code 1
cp /home/satellites10/jbari/ .
cp: cannot stat
No such file or directory
IGCM_debug_Exit :  IGCM_sys_Cp

!!   EXIT FLAG SET      !!

0 - IGCM_comp_GetInputParametersFiles (_0_)
 1 - IGCM_sys_Cp
  2 - IGCM_debug_Exit (_0_)
IGCM_sys_Cp : /home/satellites10/jbari/ .

Specific case copying xml files

When this error happens when copying files from src_xml directory, it is most probably due to a version of ORCHIDEE source code not updated with the trunk. In the later version of the configuration directory ORCHIDEE_OL, the inclusion of XIOS is done. The standard case is still running with IOIPSL (without XIOS) but all xml input files needed for XIOS are copied. This is done to simplify the number of experiment set up to maintain.

If you use an older version of ORCHIDEE source code not containing all files in src_xml directory (currently 5 files: iodef.xml, context_orchidee.xml, context_input_orchidee.xml, field_def_orchidee.xml, file_def_orchidee.xml) together with a new version of ORCHIDEE_OL, you'll have this kind of copy error. You will then have 2 choices :

  • Updated your version with the src_xml directory


For the later case, change following in orchidee_ol.card:

List=   (${SUBMIT_DIR}/PARAM/run.def, .) ,\
        (${SUBMIT_DIR}/PARAM/iodef.xml, .)   ,\
        (${SUBMIT_DIR}/PARAM/file_def_orchidee.xml, .) ,\
        (${MODIPSL}/modeles/ORCHIDEE/src_xml/context_orchidee.xml, .)   ,\
        (${MODIPSL}/modeles/ORCHIDEE/src_xml/field_def_orchidee.xml, .)


List=   (${SUBMIT_DIR}/PARAM/run.def, .)

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