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Intel vtune

In order to run a profiling on Curie you have to compile orchidee in production mode with -g flag.

Find below the script you need to set up to launch it.

#MSUB -n 32
#MSUB -c 1
#MSUB -T 6000
#MSUB -q standard
#MSUB -Q normal
#MSUB -x

#Basic hotspots collection on several MPI processes
module load vtune

There are several different types of analysis depending on your needs:

First step, a general hotspots run:

ccc_mprun amplxe-cl -collect hotspots -r $SLURM_SUBMIT_DIR/vtune-results ./myprogram arg1 arg2 arg3

A more specific analysis in advanced-hotspots at processor 0 (mpi root processor):

ccc_mprun -d vtune -R 0 -t advanced-hotspots -o /ccc/work/cont003/dsm/p529jorn/experiments/dev_mictv6_perso_4p/results/ ./orchidee_prod

Launch the job