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    6161The output of this command is a series of folders all grouped into "atlas_model_vs_model/".  In there you have pdf and html summaries of all the variables, plus individual directories for each variable if you just want to look at one of them. 
     63== Zooming == 
     65Sometimes you are only interested in a certain region of the world.  This is certainly the case when you are using a zoomed grid to run the simulation.  Is there a way to get ATLAS to only print out the results over a single region? 
     67The answer is yes.  There is a script, 2variables1diffandzonal_map_zoomed_new.jnl, which calculates both the maps and the zonal differences for two variables over just a particular region.  In the .cfg files, the script 2variables1diffandzonal_map.jnl is currently used.  The first step is to change 2variables1diffandzonal_map.jnl to 2variables1diffandzonal_map_zoomed_new.jnl in every line.  So, for example, if before there was 
     70echo $input | ferretloop - $paper -r $your_reference_file -i "Precip (mm/day)" -s $frequency -o precip 2variables1diffandzonal_map.jnl '"Precip (mm/day)" inputfile (precip[l=sloop]*86400) referencefile (precip[l=sloop]*86400) /pal=precip/lev=(-INF)(0.5)(1,6,1)(8,14,2)(20)(INF) /pal=pal_01/lev=(-INF)(-5)(-2,2,1)(-0.5)(-0.2)(0.2)(0.5)(5)(INF) /hlim=0:10 /hlim=-3:3' 
     73afterwards there should be 
     76echo $input | ferretloop - $paper -r $your_reference_file -i "Precip (mm/day)" -s $frequency -o precip 2variables1diffandzonal_map_zoomed_new.jnl '"Precip (mm/day)" inputfile (precip[l=sloop]*86400) referencefile (precip[l=sloop]*86400) /pal=precip/lev=(-INF)(0.5)(1,6,1)(8,14,2)(20)(INF) /pal=pal_01/lev=(-INF)(-5)(-2,2,1)(-0.5)(-0.2)(0.2)(0.5)(5)(INF) /hlim=0:10 /hlim=-3:3' 
     79The command 
     82sed -i.bak -e "s%2variables1diffandzonal_map.jnl%2variables1diffandzonal_map_zoomed_new.jnl%" atlas_p_LMDZ3.3_diag2_a.cfg 
     85will do that in one step, copying the file first to something.bak and the overwriting the existing file. 
     87The new script also takes two additional arguments.  The first is the ferret command used to create the map (either "shade" or "fill"), and the second is the region of the zoom.  So if we want to look at Europe, we can use a line like the following: 
     90echo $input | ferretloop - $paper -r $your_reference_file -i "Precip (mm/day)" -s $frequency -o precip 2variables1diffandzonal_map_zoomed_new.jnl '"Precip (mm/day)" inputfile (precip[l=sloop]*86400) referencefile (precip[l=sloop]*86400) /pal=precip/lev=(-INF)(0.5)(1,6,1)(8,14,2)(20)(INF) /pal=pal_01/lev=(-INF)(-5)(-2,2,1)(-0.5)(-0.2)(0.2)(0.5)(5)(INF) /hlim=0:10 /hlim=-3:3 shade [X=10W:40E,Y=30N:75N]' 
     93If you then run ATLAS as above with this .cfg, you should get the maps and zonal differences only over Europe for the two simulations.