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Activate XIOS in configuration ORCHIDEE_trunk using libIGCM

Since rev [3109] on the ORCHIDEE/trunk, XIOS is the default in the model and in the ORCHIDEE_OL libIGCM configuration. The default run mode is in attached mode. Use following description to to activate XIOS in an older version or a branch. See below how to activate XIOS in server mode.

Activate XIOS in version older than 3109 or branches

Compile using target with_xios, installation as usual:

svn co modipsl
cd modipsl/util
./model ORCHIDEE_trunk
cd ../config/ORCHIDEE_OL
gmake with_xios

Prepare your simulation set up as usual. Choose for example OOL_SEC_STO experiment. Activate XIOS by setting XIOS=y in orchidee_ol.card, IOIPSL output will be deactivated automatically:

vi COMP/orchidee_ol.card    # Change to XIOS=y

The bounds for the time step changed name from time_counter_bnds to time_counder_bounds. This needs to be changed in sechiba.card. Change time_counter_bnds at 2 places in sechiba.card to have:

GatherWithInternal= (lon, lat, veget, time_counter, time_counter_bounds, Areas, Contfrac)

Activate XIOS in server mode

Change to run in server mode by activating the IOS component in config.card. Use the config.card.xios_server as example. You can set RebuildFrequancy=NONE. The config.card should look like follow:

#D-- ListOfComponents -
SRF= (sechiba, orchidee)
SBG= (stomate, orchidee)
OOL= (orchidee_ol, orchidee)
IOS= (xios, XIOS)

#D-- Executable -
SRF= ("", "")
SBG= ("", "")
OOL= (orchidee_ol, orchidee_ol, 31MPI)
IOS= (xios_server.exe, xios.x, 1MPI)

#D-- IOS -
Restart= n