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How to create a new branch or a personal version

Here is some short help on how to create and commit in a personal directory or a branche.

Create your personal folder

First, ask for a login on svn and a personal folder on the svn repository: use orchidee-help mailing list. At the beginning, your personal folder is empty.

SVN administrators can create a personal folder using following syntax:

svn mkdir svn://

The administrator also needs to add read/write access for this new branch in the svn/conf/authz file at forge.

Commit in your folder

In your personal svn directory you can now commit source code and scripts. You should not commit netcdf files, executables or other big files. You can have several versions in your folder.

For exemple you want to copy revision number X from the ORCHIDEE trunk into your remote personal folder :

svn cp -r X svn:// svn://

For exemple you want to copy the tag 1.9.6 into your remote personal folder :

svn cp svn:// svn:// 

Extract your personal folder

Your personal folder can be extracted by the following command line (replace firstname.lastname by yours):

svn co svn:// mypersofolder

If you got error message "svn: Authorization failed", then add --username firstname.lastname in the commande svn.

svn --username firstname.lastname co svn:// mypersofolder

Vizualise your folder using web interface

If you have a login to the machine forge where the wiki and svn of ORCHIDEE are stored, you can visualize your account at forge: Ask for an account on forge using the email list orchidee-help. This login can be used to modify the wiki, to create and comment tickets and to vizualize your personal folder as well as all branches you have access to.