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Various ways to get the code of an ORCHIDEE version with svn

Author: A. Ducharne
Last revision: 2020/01/03, J. Ghattas

You always need a valid username and password!

If you try to access a branch for which you don't have the rights, you won't be able to download the code. You also may have permission problems if you have used the generic username/password to get the trunk, and are then asking to download a private branch.

More info regarding the svn syntax, revisions, passwords, etc. can be found on svn10min_Ghattas_20140612.pdf

If you only need the source code, access the svn server directly

This is also the server you use to commit new revisions, and ask for informations about your installed versions.

To download the trunk in a directory testtrunk:

svn co svn:// testtrunk

To download a branch (here "ORCHIDEE-GW/ORCHIDEE_4t_2_0", authorized to "myusername", who will be asked for a password) in a directory testbranch:

svn co --username myusername svn:// testbranch

If you want the full libIGCM environment

More detailed info can be found in Documentation/UserGuide/InstallingORCHIDEEBasic

To download the trunk in a directory modipsl:

svn co modipsl
cd modipsl/util
./model ORCHIDEE_trunk

To download a tag (here ORCHIDEE_2_0, used for CMIP6v1) in a directory modipsl:

svn co modipsl
cd modipsl/util
./model ORCHIDEE_2_0

To download a branch in a directory modispl:

svn co modipsl
cd modipsl/util

Then you need to edit the file "mod.def" in util. For instance, to get the same branch as above, which is based on tag 2.0, you need to replace the following line:

#-C- ORCHIDEE_2_0  tags/ORCHIDEE_2_0/ORCHIDEE               HEAD    14 ORCHIDEE           modeles


#-C- ORCHIDEE_2_0  branches/ORCHIDEE-GW/ORCHIDEE_4t_2_0     HEAD    14 ORCHIDEE           modeles

Then, you can launch the installation:

./model ORCHIDEE_2_0

If you work on machines which are taken into account by libIGCM, you can then compile and prepare your configuration for execution in modipsl/config/...

You can also install ORCHIDEE within LMDZOR. More information on libIGCM in