How to add a new svn user (SVN administrators only)

Author: M. Mancip
Last revision: 2020/02/28, F. Maignan

To add new user on svn list, you must connect as:


Your rsa public key must have been added in .ssh/authorized_keys file. Ask another valid admin for that.

After you are connected, you must modified svn/conf/passwd and svn/conf/authz files.

  1. In svn/conf/passwd, you must add login/password for the new user.
  1. svn/conf/authz gives authorizations on svn tree. You must:
    • Add the new user in user option of group orchidee section.
    • Add this user to other groups if it has been decided.
    • Add the user wiki login if it exists to authorized "browse source" access on the orchidee project wiki.
    • Add the user personal path and rights access at the end of the authz file:
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