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    1919 * Krinner, G., Viovy, N., Noblet-Ducoudre, N. de, Ogee, J., Polcher, J., Friedlingstein, P., Ciais, P., Sitch, S., and Prentice, I. C (2005). '''A dynamic global vegetation model for studies of the coupled atmosphere-biosphere system.''' Global Biogeochem. Cycles, 19, GB1015. [,krinner link] 
    2020 * d'Orgeval, T. et Polcher, J. (2008). '''Impacts of precipitation events and land-use changes on West African river discharges during the years 1951--2000.''' Climate Dynamics, 31(2), 249--262. [ link] 
     23== Documentation for ORCHIDEE_OL scripts == 
     25When you have installed ORCHIDEE and ORCHIDEE_OL source code for trunk version as 
     26described in the [ course],  
     27you will find in "modipsl"/config/ORCHIDEE_OL tree some directories for 
     28scripts used to run ORCHIDEE in an off-line mode.  
     30We strongly invite you to read other wiki and pdf documentation in addition of this 
     31one : 
     32 1. [ ModipslBeginner] 
     33 1. [ Documentation for IPSLCM5 current release of IPSL coupled model]  
     34    gives a lot of links on other documentations.  
     35 1. [ libIGCM] users and developpers documentation. 
     36Some of those documentations are still in french and deal with the global couple 
     37model of IPSL (namly IPSLCM5 for CMIP5 exercise). But ORCHIDEE scripts use the same 
     38philosophy for executions, tree of directories, etc... 
     40Remark : there is a copy of all ORCHIDEE script directories in model/ORCHIDEE_OL. 
     41This is for subversion management and it won't work correctly if you use those 
     42directories. You must use ones in config/ORCHIDEE_OL. 
     44== libIGCM scripts == 
     46libIGCM scripts are used as an SRE (Sytem Running Environment). They are used to 
     47manipulate input and output files for an executable (or a set of executables in the 
     48couple configuration). 
     49• libIGCM : Set of scripts to launch simulations and posttreat. Modularity and 
     50portability make you jobs work on a lot of machine (super-computer) in the same way.  
     51• Include a master job and a lot of auxilary jobs for post-treatements. 
     52• Documentation :