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You will find here information on the code itself, dealing with either scientific or technical aspects. More information on how to use the model can be find on the Scripts page and HowTo.

Scientific documentation

Embedded documentation

ORCHIDEE has a scientific documentation embedded into the code that generates html and pdf versions. See ORCHIDEE_DOC page for knowing more. Below are listed the documentation of some versions of ORCHIDEE :

Specific topics

Technical Reports

Tutorial Course

Phd thesis

  • Isabelle Gouttevin, Representing high latitudes in a land surface model : soil freezing and model performances, 2012. Download the manuscript here (in french) and the presentation here (in english)

Reference paper

  • Ducoudré, Nathalie I., Laval, Katia, et Perrier, Alain (1993). SECHIBA, a New Set of Parameterizations of the Hydrologic Exchanges at the Land-Atmosphere Interface within the LMD Atmospheric General Circulation Model. Journal of Climate, 6(2),
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  • Guimberteau M., Perrier A., Laval K. and Polcher J. (2012): A comprehensive approach to analyze discrepancies between land surface models and in-situ measurements: a case study over the US and Illinois with SECHIBA forced by NLDAS, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 16, 3973-3988, doi:10.5194/hess-16-3973-2012, 2012 link

Other Presentations