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Model Developments


Source Code

Reference Simulations

Group Activities & Contact


User Guide / How To

In the User Guide you'll find a How To documentation with help for installing, running and working with the model : Documentation/UserGuide

See also both scientific and technical documentation given during the different sessions of the ORCHIDEE Training course : GroupActivities/Training

See external documentation for running ORCHIDEE and other configurations with IPSL running environment "modipsl and libIGCM":

See the complete parameter list for ORCHIDEE with default values and help comments : Documentation/OrchideeParameters


The new logo has been selected late 2017. Different format includes logo_blanc logo_gris logo_transparent_text_noir logo_transparent_text_gris

NEWS: General news for all ORCHIDEE users about recent changes on the code, the environment and the project organisation

Official website

The official website for ORCHIDEE is available at

Implementation of the code

Embedded documentation

ORCHIDEE has a scientific documentation embedded into the code that generates html and pdf versions.

See ORCHIDEE_DOC page for knowing more about this documentation.

Coding Guidelines

Coding guidelines have been established to facilitate the development of the ORCHIDEE code. All developers should follow thes guide lines when improving or adding new features to the code. Moreover, any new suggestions to these coding guide lines, in order to improve the readability, the efficiency and the robustness of the code are welcome. You can make these suggestions to the ORCHIDEE project group. See coding_guidelines.pdf and coding_guidelines.doc

Atmospheric forcing data sets

All the information on the forcing files available to run ORCHIDEE are here: Documentation/Forcings

Ancillary data

All the information on the anscillary data files which are needed to describe the various surface characteristics used by ORCHIDEE are here: Documentation/Ancillary

Following complex variables and processes

The usage of frac_nobio in the code is documented here: Documentation/Frac_Nobio


Find here old presentations and documentations : Documentation/Archive

Benchmarking ORCHIDEE

A first attempt to quantify the computer time used by the various components in ORCHIDEE when run off-line : Documentation/Bench_May2016

Parameters tables

A table to summarize the information about all externalised parameters with their mean value and realistic potential range of variation: Documentation/OrchideeParameters