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In this section, you will find results of simulations of tagged versions and an attempt to compare them to either a set of observation or to former simulations of ORCHIDEE. Each ORCHIDEE version tends to be evaluated with three sort of runs :

  • OFF-LINE mode :
    • In this configuration, we use atmospheric data to force the surface model. Data might be global reanalysis or local data (Fluxnet sites)
  • ON-LINE mode :
    • that is for ORCHIDEE group the mode where ORCHIDEE is built as a module of the atmospheric model LMDz4 (see LMDZ4).
    • In this configuration, we use a 96x71 grid to validate TO DO.
  • Couple mode :
    • that is the Global Climate Model of IPSL. See IGCMG Web and IGCMG Models for more informations.
    • In this configuration, we have all IPSL climate models coupled together. It is the IPCC configuration.



Code Performances

In this section you will find some studies about the performances of the model : parallelism, optimization of the code, etc.



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