The objective is to evaluate the performance of ORCHIDEE against in-situ data by running ORCHIDEE on Eddy-covariance sites where C (NEE, GPP, TER) and Energy (LH, SH) fluxes and met data are available.

Evaluation is performed in terms of correlation, standard deviation (with the Taylor diagram) and mean bias (with the color table). Results are shown for different time frequencies (hour, day, month, year) and for 5 variables (gross primary productivity - GPP, Total Ecosystem Respiration - TER, Net Ecosystem Exchange - NEE, Latent Heat - LH, Sensible Heat - SH).

Results are summarized per ecosystem (IGBP) class: EBF (evergreen broadleaf forest), DBF (deciduous broadleaf forest), ENF (evergreen needleleaf forest), GRA (grasslands), CRO (croplands), WSA (woody savannas)

Results are available for different revisions and/or configurations listed here below:





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