This version of ORCHIDEE has been used in the following publication(s): "Global evaluation of nutrient enabled version land surface model ORCHIDEE-CNP v1.2 (r5986)" by Sun et al. 2020 (, "Ecosystem responses to powdered rock magnify carbon dioxide removal by enhanced weathering" by Goll et al (submitted).


Nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) constraints on carbon (C) and energy exchanges between terrestrial biosphere and atmosphere are a major source of uncertainty regarding the drivers of the land C sink. Sun et al. (2020) evaluated the performance of the global version of the land surface model ORCHIDEE-CNP (v1.2) which explicitly simulates N and P cycles on land, based on a compilation of data from remote-sensing, ground-based measurement networks and ecological databases. The sensitivity of gross primary productivity (GPP) to increasing CO2 and water availability in ORCHIDEE-CNP is more realistic in the nutrient-enabled model version. Some model issues were detected and strategies to address them proposed. For more information see Sun et al (2020).

Goll et al (submitted) (SI) showed that the simulated response of above-ground plant production to P fertilization is in line with evidence from a compilation of fertilization experiments.

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Creator Daniel S. Goll |
Affiliation University Augsburg
Title ORCHIDEE-CN-P_v1.2_r5986
Publisher Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL)
PublicationYear 2020
ResourceType Software
Rights This software is distributed under the CeCILL license
Subject Land surface model, model evaluation
DataManager Karim Ramage (IPSL)
DataCurator Josefine Ghattas (IPSL)
ContactPerson Daniel Goll (UA)
FundingReference funded by the “IMBALANCE-P” project of the European Research Council (ERC-2013-SyG-610028)
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