This version of ORCHIDEE has been used in two publications to be submitted:

  • Carbon sink enhanced by atmospheric phosphorus deposition in simulations for tropical forest site in Central Africa (lead by Daniel Goll) - TO BE UPDATED
  • EucFACE MDS (lead by Mingkai Yang) - TO BE UPDATED

Abstract This model version uses now the MIMICS soil model (Zhang et al 2019,2020) instead of the CENTURY model. The description of the new soil model can be found in Zhang et al., in prep (TO BE UPDATED). Other parts are described in detail in Goll et al. 2017, 2018 and Sun et al. 2021.

Sun, Y., Goll, D. S., Chang, J., Ciais, P., Guenet, B., Helfenstein, J., Huang, Y., Lauerwald, R., Maignan, F., Naipal, V., Wang, Y., Yang, H., and Zhang, H.: Global evaluation of the nutrient-enabled version of the land surface model ORCHIDEE-CNP v1.2 (r5986), Geosci. Model Dev., 14, 1987–2010,, 2021.

Zhang, H, Goll, DS, Ying-Ping Wang, Philippe Ciais, Will R. Wieder, Rose Abramoff, Yuanyuan Huang, Bertrand Guenet, Raphael Viscarra Rossel, Pierre Barré, Claire Chenu, Guoyi Zhou, Xuli Tang : Microbial dynamics and soil physiochemical properties explain large scale variations in soil organic carbon, Global Change Biology,, 2020.

Zhang, H, Goll, DS, Manzoni, S, Ciais, P, Guenet, B, Huang, Y: Modeling the effects of litter stoichiometry and soil mineral N availability on soil organic matter formation, Geoscientific Model Development,, 2018.

Goll, DS, Joetzjer, E, Huang, M, Ciais, P. Low phosphorus availability decreases susceptibility of tropical primary productivity to droughts, Geophys. Res. Lett., 45., 2018.

Goll, DS, Vuichard, N, Maignan, F, Jornet-Puig, A, Sardans, J, Violette, A, Peng, S, Sun Y, Kvakic, M, Guimberteau, M, Guenet, B, Zaehle, S, Penuelas, J, Janssens, I, Ciais, P.: A representation of the phosphorus cycle for ORCHIDEE (revision 4520), Geoscientific Model Developments ,, 2017b.

Code access

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svn co --username anonymous svn://



Creator Daniel Goll
Affiliation LSCE
Publisher Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL)
PublicationYear 2021
ResourceType Software
Rights This software is distributed under the CeCILL license
Subject Land surface model, gross primary production, carbon-nitrogen interactions
DataManager Karim Ramage (IPSL)
DataCurator Josefine Ghattas (IPSL)
ContactPerson Daniel Goll (LSCE/UPSaclay)
FundingReference the European Research Council Synergy project SyG-2013-610028 IMBALANCE-P and the ANR CLAND Convergence Institute
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