This version of ORCHIDEE has been used in the coupled model IPSLCM5A2.1 for the publication in GMD with title "IPSL-CM5A2. An Earth System Model designed for multi-millennial climate simulation" by Pierre Sepulchre, A. Caubel, J-B. Ladant, L. Bopp, O. Boucher, P. Braconnot, P. Brockmann, A. Cozic, Y. Donnadieu, V. Estella-Perez, C. Ethé, F. Fluteau, M-A. Foujols, G. Gastineau, J. Ghattas, D. Hauglustaine, F. Hourdin, M. Kageyama, M. Khodri, O. Marti, Y. Meurdesoif, J. Mignot, A-C. Sarr, J. Servonnat, D. Swingedouw, S. Szopa, and D. Tardif

Code access

  • No DOI has been done for this version but the full code has been made accesible through svn and the procedure is described in the paper as follow:
    Code availability.
    LMDZ, XIOS, NEMO and ORCHIDEE are released under the terms of the CeCILL license. OASIS-MCT is released
    under the terms of the Lesser GNU General Public License (LGPL). IPSL-CM5A2 code is publicly available through svn, with the following
    command lines: svn co modipsl
    cd modipsl/util;./model IPSLCM5A2.1
    The mod.def file provides information regarding the different revisions used,namely :
    – NEMOGCM branch nemo_v3_6_STABLE revision 6665
    – XIOS2 branchs/xios-2.5 revision 1763
    – IOIPSL/src svn tags/v2_2_2
    – LMDZ5 branches/IPSLCM5A2.1 rev 3591
    – branches/publications/ORCHIDEE_IPSLCM5A2.1.r5307 rev 6336
    – OASIS3-MCT 2.0_branch (rev 4775 IPSL server)
    The login/password combination requested at first use to download the ORCHIDEE component is anonymous/anonymous. We recommend
    to refer to the project website: for a proper installation and compilation
    of the environment
  • Extract the fully coupled model as follow:
    svn co modipsl
    cd modipsl/util
    ./model IPSLCM5A2.1
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