Working days on the technical documentation

These working days aims to make a review of the technical documentation for ORCHIDEE: Documentation/UserGuide. We aim to review and corrected all subpages.

Step 1: 28 of February 2020

Place: Jussieu, Tour 45, 3th floor, corridor LMD 45-55, meeting room 313
Date: 28 of February 2020
Time: 9.30 - 17.00 (or as long as you can). Coffee from 9.15 in the coffee space in the middle of the corridor.
Lunch: at Ardoise

Bring your laptop or let us know if you need to borrow one.


Page distribution:

Instruction for each page:

  • Read, modify and complete so the page is clear, correct and easy to understand. Verify that the page is up to date and that the advice are correct.
  • When possible, test the proposed commands.
  • Add title on the page if missing. It should be the same as on the main page. Don't hesitate to change the title of the page to make it clearer, do this on both sides (main page and sub-page).
  • Add author and last revision date and name in the beginning of the page, after the title, see example. If you don't know the author, use bottom History on the right upper corner.
  • Make sure the page is saved under wiki/Documentation/UserGuide. Move it if necessary.
  • Make links to wiki IGCM_DOC and make sure the text is not duplicated. If the text is not clear on igcmg_doc, Patricia and Josefine can help to correct it.

When the page is finished:

  • On the main documentation page, replace the name of author by (last revised date)
  • On the googledoc above, mark as done

Step 1: complementary half day

Please fill in following evento if you want to participate in a half day complementary time slot for step 1.

Step 2


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