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Array of Outputs

Access here the table for all output variable in ORCHIDEE :

  • Field_id : first argument in the CALL xios_orchidee_send_field()field_id,varname)
  • Output name set in field_def : Final output name set in field_def_orchidee.xml, can be different from the variable name.
  • Var name in Fortran : variable name in the fortran subroutine. Most often the 2nd argument in the CALL xios_orchidee_send_field(field_id,varname). Note: if histvar is used then add in the comment's column information about the variables used for the calculation.
  • Subroutine : subroutine from where the xios_orchidee_send_field is done
  • Long name : Long name set in field_def_orchidee.xml
  • Unit in Fortran : unit for the variable in the Fortran code
  • Unit in output : unit for the output variable(transformations might be done in the "CALL xios_orchidee_send_field" or in the xml file)
  • xml group : proposition of which group the variable could belong to in the xml file
  • Comments : additional information if needed

Little code help for preparing the table above Coding Help