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  • Guideline 2

We do the "CALL XIOS send_file orchid" in the module where the variable is calculated. If the variable is changed in several places, we do the call in the last XIOS module where it is changed or in sechiba_main, this has to be decided case by case.

  • Guideline 3

If the variable is only calculated for a specific run case, then we deactivate the output from xios_orchidee.f90 with xios_set_field_attr as for the case not calculated. This leaves us the possibility of having the same file_def_orchidee.xml for different setups. If we forgot, it will work but we will have declared variables in the .nc files without values, which is is troubling. As an exception, the stomate variables are not deactivated in this way, that would be too many exception cases. But since we traditionally separated variables between and, we have no problem because we deactivate the whole file if stomate is not active.

For example, for the routing variables, we deactivate them if we have no routing. In this case, even if they are in file_def_orchidee.xml, they will not be written. In xios_orchidee:

IF (.NOT. River_routing) THEN
   CALL xios_set_field_attr ("basinmap" enabled = .FALSE.)