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For this retreat we invite the ORCHIDEE users to:

  1. Clarify and clean the outputs variables:
  1. Check the units (in the outputs files but also in the comments of each module) and define standard units to be used in the future.
  1. Check that the name of the outputs correspond to the calculation done in the code
  1. Write a specific documentation for the outputs
  1. Propose variables that are not listed in the outputs but which may be useful.
  1. Use the new XIOS system with tutorial on the system and specific work to create the necessary xml files and remove the duplicates (where the same outputs are in sechiba and in stomate history files or when an outputs is only the cumulative of another). See this document on XIOS Guidelines here?
  1. Regenerate an updated documentation using Doxygen. For the moment we use a kind of “home made” version of Doxygen by Martial Mancip. We want to move to a standard version easy to use for everyone.
  1. We want to write a introductory paragraph to the documentation reminding the main scientific principles of the ORCHIDEE model. This may be based on the presentation paper currently in prep but more concise (without evaluation, figures, discussion section, etc.).

We will propose some working groups of two or three peoples who will manage one or two modules and work on objective 1. The idea is to have everything ready for November 13th. Then, each working group will review the work of another group so that we can merge the different modification in one version of the code during the retreat. Detailed and specific guidelines are available on the wiki (

Independent groups will manage objectives 2 to 4.

During the retreat we will have some scientific sessions. During these sessions a group of people will present the outputs of global simulations performed with the last trunk version. We will have three sessions (one per half day) with focus on energy, hydrology and carbon. You are all invited to propose your own favourite diagnostic to evaluate the model even if it will not be done with the last trunk version.

A social event will be organized on Thursday night (diner on the Seine river) pay by the ORCHIDEE group. The ORCHIDEE group will also pay for the Thursday and Friday lunch.