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    33<h1>ORCHIDEE meetings</h1> 
    44<p>Many presentations are available from the dods in jussieu : <a href="">Jussieu ORCHIDEE archive</a>.   From LSCE intranet, you may also have a look at the folder containing all the recent presentations : <a href=";O=D">LSCE Intranet ORCHIDEE archive</a>.</p> 
     5<p>If you have no access to LSCE intranet and would like to access one of the presentation not available otherwise, please send a request at <a href=";body=Hi,%0D%0DI%20would%20be%20please%20to%20get%20a%20copy%20of%20the%20slides%20of%0D"></a>.</p> 
     6<h3>Upcoming meetings</h3> 
     7<h3>By default in LSCE, building 712, room 100 at 2pm</h3> 
     8<li><strong><br /></strong></li> 
     10<li><strong>08/04/2011 </strong>. Paul Stoy (Montana State University).<span lang="EN-US"><em><span> </span></em></span>What is the FLUXNET database telling us? An empirical investigation of global surface energy flux measurements. Available as <a href="">ppt</a></li> 
     11<li><strong>28/03/2011 </strong>. Marc Stefanon (LMD).<span lang="EN-US"><em><span> </span></em></span>Heat wave analysis over Europe and Mediterranean: a regionalist approach. Available as <a href="">pdf</a></li> 
     12<li><strong>14/03/2011 </strong>. Alexis Berg (LSCE/LOCEAN).<span lang="EN-US"><em><span> </span></em></span>Including tropical croplands in the ORCHIDEE land surface model to study climate/agriculture interactions. Available as <a href="">ppt</a></li> 
     13<li><strong>28/02/2011 </strong>. Ajit Govind .<span lang="EN-US"><em><span> </span></em><span>Spatially Explicit                 Modeling of Terrestrial Biogeochemical Processes at                 Multiple Scales</span></span>. Available as <a href="">pdf</a> </li> 
     14<li><strong>14/02/2011 </strong>. Isabelle Gouttevin . <span id="result_box" lang="en"><span class="hps" title="Cliquer ici pour voir d'autres traductions">Implementing</span> <span class="hps" title="Cliquer ici pour voir d'autres traductions">a</span> <span class="hps" title="Cliquer ici pour voir d'autres traductions">scheme</span> <span class="hps" title="Cliquer ici pour voir d'autres traductions">of</span> <span class="hps" title="Cliquer ici pour voir d'autres traductions">soil freezing</span> <span class="hps" title="Cliquer ici pour voir d'autres traductions">for</span></span> the multi-layer hydrology of ORCHIDEE. Available on the intranet as <a href="">pdf</a></li> 
     15<li><strong>31/01/2011 </strong>. Didier Solyga . Modifying parameter values and adding PFT's at running time : presentation of a new version of ORCHIDEE. Available as <a href="">pdf</a></li> 
     16<li><strong>17/01/2011 </strong>. Nicolas Vuichard . Running ORCHIDEE on Fluxnet sites : presentation of a processing chain. Available as <a href="">pdf</a></li> 
     17<li><strong>06/01/2011 </strong>. Allan Spessa . Modelling Fire and Emissions from Biomass Burning : Interactions with Climate, Vegetation and Land-Use. Available as <a href="">pdf</a></li> 
     18<li><strong>04/01/2011 </strong>. Julia Pongratz. Land use change and climate : from Genghis Khan to geoengineering. Available on the intranet as <a href="">pdf</a></li> 
     20<li><strong>06/12/2010 </strong>. Andrée Tuzet. Vegetation cover functioning in connection with its atmospheric environment : water, carbon, nitrogen and gas pollutants. Available as <a href="">pdf</a></li> 
     21<li><strong>22/11/2010 </strong>. Martial Mancip. The new versioning system of ORCHIDEE model. Available as <a href="">pdf</a></li> 
     22<li><strong>09/11/2010 </strong>. David Leclère. CC impact on EU agriculture: from yield to income and LUC changes. Available as <a href="">pdf</a></li> 
     23<li><strong>04/10/2010 </strong>. Rachel Licker. Assessing Global and Regional Crop Yield Patterns: An Integration of Biophysical and Socioeconomic Drivers. Available as <a href="">pdf</a></li> 
     24<li><strong>08/07/2010 </strong>. Nicolas Delbart. Mortality as a key driver of the spatial distribution of aboveground biomass in Amazonian forests : results from a dynamic vegetation model. Available as <a href="">pdf</a></li> 
     25<li><strong>21/06/2010 </strong>. Charlie Koven. Modeling permafrost carbon dynamics. Available on the intranet as <a href="">pdf</a></li> 
     26<li><strong>08/06/2010 </strong>. Benjamin Poulter. Quantifying the risk of Amazon forest 'dieback' from climate and land-use change. Available as <a href="">ppt</a></li> 
     27<li><strong>07/06/2010 </strong>. Benjamin Poulter. Plant functional type mapping and the role of land cover uncertainties on global carbon cycling. Available as <a href="">ppt</a></li> 
     28<li><strong>10/05/2010 </strong>. Matthieu Guimberteau. Modelling of the continental hydrology and the impacts of irrigation on  the water cycle. Available as <a href="">pdf</a></li> 
     29<li><strong>22/04/2010 </strong>. Sönke Zaehle. Nitrogen cycle in ORCHIDEE: Some results of OC-N. Available as <a href="">pdf</a></li> 
     30<li><strong>12/04/2010 </strong>. Kun Tan. Application of the ORCHIDEE global vegetation model to evaluate biomass and soil carbon stocks of Qinghai-Tibetan grasslands. Available as <a href="">ppt</a></li> 
     31<li><strong>02/04/2010 </strong>. Adam Wolf. Insights from ray tracing canopy structure, using a height-structured model of forest competition. Available on the intranet as <a href="">pdf</a></li> 
     32<li><strong>22/03/2010 </strong>. Two presentations on Model sensitivity to meteorological forcing. <ol> 
     33<li>Yan Zhao: "Sensitivity of Simulated Ecosystem Fluxes to Meteorological Forcings: A case study at 6 flux sites in France". Available as <a href="">pdf</a></li> 
     34<li>Alexis Berg: "What are the dominant features of rainfall leading to realistic large-scale yield prediction over West Africa ?". Available as <a href="">ppt</a></li> 
     36<li><strong>08/03/2010 </strong>. Tao Wang. Evaluation of ORCHIDEE model using Fluxnet data. Available as <a href="">pdf</a> </li> 
     37<li><strong>15/02/2010 </strong>. Nathalie de Noblet. Effect of vegetation dynamics on climate variability using two models : LMDz-ORCHIDEE and CCM3-IBIS. Available as <a href="">pdf</a></li> 
     38<li><strong>01/02/2010</strong><strong> </strong>. Thomas Eglin and Pierre Brender. On the use of ORCHIDEE with the multi-layer hydrology scheme and the Stomate component activated: Development and Validation. Available by <a href=";body=Hi,%0D%0DI%20would%20be%20please%20to%20get%20a%20copy%20of%20the%20slides%20of%20100201%20meeting.">Mail request.</a> </li> 
     39<li><strong>18/01/2010 11h00-12h30 </strong>. Bertrand Guenet. Evolution of soil organic carbon and priming effect. Available on the intranet as <a href="">ppt</a> or by <a href=";body=Hi,%0D%0DI%20would%20be%20please%20to%20get%20a%20copy%20of%20the%20slides%20of%20100118%20meeting.">Mail request.</a> Thomas Eglin. Relevance of bare fallow for the improvement of the SOM dynamic in ORCHIDEE. Available as <a href="">pdf</a> or by <a href=";body=Hi,%0D%0DI%20would%20be%20please%20to%20get%20a%20copy%20of%20the%20slides%20of%20100118%20meeting.">Mail request.</a></li> 
     40<li><strong>07/01/2010 9h30-17h30 </strong>. ORCHIDEE Retreat (LSCE vallée library). Day of information about all projects and developments. Prospective. Programme available as <a href="">pdf</a>.<ol> 
     41<li>Session <a href="">Introduction </a> by Philippe Peylin </li> 
     42<li>Session <a href="">Physique &amp; Hydrologie du modèle</a> (chair : Jean-Louis Dufresne)</li> 
     43<li>Session <a href="">Interactions cycle / climat / chimie</a> (chair : Juliette Lathierre)</li> 
     44<li>Session <a href="">Agrosystèmes et Land-use</a> (chair : Nathalie DeNoblet)</li> 
     45<li>Session <a href="">Développement de processus biogéochimiques</a> (chair : Nicolas Viovy)</li> 
     46<li>Session <a href="">Evaluation &amp; Assimilation de données</a> (chair : Philippe Ciais)</li> 
     47<li>Session <a href="">Aspects techniques autour d'ORCHIDEE</a> (chair : Martial Mancip) </li> 
     48</ol> </li> 
     50<li><strong>21/12/2009 11h-12h00 </strong>. Camille Rissi. Water stable isotopes: applications to water cycle and climate variations studies. Available as <a href="">pdf</a>.</li> 
     51<li><strong>14/12/2009 11h-12h30 </strong>Nicolas Delpierre. A work based on CASTANEA. Presentation of he results obtained during his PhD entitled : "Unravelling the influence of climate and biological drivers on the interannual variability of carbon exchanges between European forests and the atmosphere : a process-based modelling approach". Available as <a href="">pdf</a> or <a href="">ppt</a>.</li> 
     52<li><strong>09/11/2009 11h-12h30 </strong>François-Marie Bréon &amp; Fabienne Maignan. Presentation of Visu-MODIS.Available on the intranet as <a href="">pdf</a> or <a href="">ppt</a> or by <a href=";body=Hi,%0D%0DI%20would%20be%20please%20to%20get%20a%20copy%20of%20the%20slides%20of%20091109%20meeting.">Mail request.</a></li> 
     53<li><strong>19/10/2009 11h-12h30 </strong> Nathalie de Noblet-Ducoudré. IPCC Assessment Report N°5. Goals. Simulations available and to be carried out. Timeline. (<a href="">pdf</a>, <a href=";body=Hi,%0D%0DI%20would%20be%20please%20to%20get%20a%20copy%20of%20the%20slides%20of%20091019%20meeting.">Mail request</a>)</li> 
     54<li><strong>05/10/2009 11h-12h30 </strong>Bruno Ringeval. Interaction between the climate-CO2 and climate-CH4 feedback loops. Available on the intranet as <a href="">pdf</a> or <a href="">ppt</a> or by <a href=";body=Hi,%0D%0DI%20would%20be%20please%20to%20get%20a%20copy%20of%20the%20slides%20of%20091005%20meeting.">Mail request.</a></li> 
     55<li><strong>21/09/2009 11h-12h30 </strong>Modelisation of the sensible heat fluxes. Systematic biases and ways to handle it better. Slides of <a href="">Frédéric Hourdin</a>, <a href="">Cédric Bacour</a>, <a href="">Alexis Berg</a>, <a href="">Pierre Brender</a>, <a href="">Longhui Li</a>, <a href="">Isabelle Gouttevin</a>, <a href="">Tao Wang</a> (intranet only), <a href="">Philippe Ciais</a> (intranet only). You may also send a <a href=";body=Hi,%0D%0DI%20would%20be%20please%20to%20get%20a%20copy%20of%20the%20slides%20of%20090921%20meeting.">Mail request</a></li> 
     56<li><strong>06/07/2009 11h-12h30 </strong>Patricia Cadule. Evaluation metrics for climate-carbon coupled models and other results from her thesis.</li> 
     57<li><strong>15/06/2009 9h-12h30 </strong>LMD-LSCE-LGGE exchanges about the CWRR hydrology scheme (meeting in LMD organised by P Maugis).<a href=";body=Hi,%0D%0DI%20would%20be%20please%20to%20get%20a%20copy%20of%20the%20slides%20of%20090615%20meeting.">Mail request.</a><ol> 
     58<li>Introduction by P Maugis. Slides of the presentation (intranet only) as <a href="">pdf</a> or as <a href="">odp</a>.</li> 
     59<li>A Campoy. Test of different hydrology versions in the coupled model. Comparison with SIRTA observations. Slides of the presentation (intranet only) as <a href="">pdf</a>.</li> 
     60<li>M Guimberteau. Hydrology in ORCHIDEE. Simulations of Mississippi river flow. Slides of the presentation (intranet only) as <a href="">pdf</a>.</li> 
     61<li>V Prieur. N20 and NO emission. Slides of the presentation (intranet only) as <a href="">pdf</a> or as <a href="">ppt</a>.</li> 
     62<li>P Brender. Coupling CWRR hydrology scheme with Stomate. Slides of the presentation (intranet only) as <a href="">pdf</a>.</li> 
     63</ol> </li> 
     64<li><strong>19/05/2009 16h-17h30 </strong>Valentin Bellassen. Introduction of a module describing the management of temperate forests in ORCHIDEE. Slides of the presentation (intranet only).<a href="">pdf</a>, <a href="">ppt</a>. <a href=";body=Hi,%0D%0DI%20would%20be%20please%20to%20get%20a%20copy%20of%20the%20slides%20of%20090519%20meeting.">Mail request.</a></li> 
     65<li><strong>28/04/2009 14h-15h30 </strong>Validation of the technical documentation and preparation of the scientific one. <ol> 
     66<li>Presentation of Fabienne Maignan (intranet only).<a href="">pdf</a>, <a href="">ppt</a></li> 
     67<li>Meeting report and roadmap by Fabienne Maignan (intranet only).<a href="">pdf</a>, <a href="">doc</a></li> 
     68<li><a href="">Links to the technical documentation and other useful ORCHIDEE related websites (intranet only)</a></li> 
     69</ol> <a href=";body=Hi,%0D%0DI%20would%20be%20please%20to%20get%20a%20copy%20of%20the%20slides%20of%20090428%20meeting.">Mail request.</a></li> 
     70<li><strong>30/03/2009 14h-15h30 </strong>Bruno Ringeval and Charles Koven. Emissions of high latitude wetlands and Permafrost. <ol> 
     71<li><a href="">Presentation of Bruno Ringeval (intranet only).</a></li> 
     72<li><a href="">Presentation of Charles Koven (intranet only).</a></li> 
     73<a href=";body=Hi,%0D%0DI%20would%20be%20please%20to%20get%20a%20copy%20of%20the%20slides%20of%20090330%20meeting.">Mail request</a></ol> </li> 
     74<li><strong>09/03/2009 11h-12h30 </strong>Alexis Berg. Soil geo-engineering: what can and should we do with our models on this topic ? <ol> 
     75<li><a href="">Presentation of the paper by Ridwell et all. Tackling regional climate change by leaf Albedo Bio-geoenginnering. (intranet only)</a> </li> 
     76<li><a href="">Presentation by Nicolas Vuichard. Growing biofuels over abandoned croplands in the former USSR (intranet only).</a></li> 
     77<a href=";body=Hi,%0D%0DI%20would%20be%20please%20to%20get%20a%20copy%20of%20the%20slides%20of%20090309%20meeting.">Mail request</a> </ol> </li> 
     78<li><strong>09/02/2009 11h-12h30</strong> Martial Mancip. Presentation of the new scripts based on the libIGCM library.<a href="">09/02/2009 Slides (intranet only)</a>. <a href=";body=Hi,%0D%0DI%20would%20be%20please%20to%20get%20a%20copy%20of%20the%20slides%20of%20090209%20meeting.">Mail request.</a></li> 
     79<li><strong> 30/01/2009</strong> Pierre Gentine. Use of an analytical soil-atmosphere coupled model for teledetection and hydrometeorological purposes. <a href="">30/01/2009 Meeting report (intranet only)</a>. <a href=";body=Hi,%0D%0DI%20would%20be%20please%20to%20get%20a%20copy%20of%20the%20slides%20of%20090130%20meeting.">Mail request.</a></li> 
     80<li><strong>26/01/2009</strong> Pascal Maugis. CWRR hydrology scheme, characteristics, present use and points to raise with the LMD development team. <a href="">26/01/2009 Meeting report (intranet only)</a>.<a href=";body=Hi,%0D%0DI%20would%20be%20please%20to%20get%20a%20copy%20of%20the%20slides%20of%20090126%20meeting.">Mail request</a> </li> 
     82<li><strong> 09/12/2008</strong> Setting-up of a FLUXNET validation database to be used systematically for every new version of the code. 9/12/2008 Meeting report. <a href=""> Access through intranet</a> or <a href="index.php?option=com_content&amp;view=article&amp;id=38&amp;Itemid=86"> with login</a></li> 
     83<li><strong>13/11/2008</strong> Presentation of the work done by LongHui Li (on croplands) and Raquel Garcia (on mediterranean ecosystems). <a href="">13/11/2008 Meeting report (intranet only)</a></li> 
     84<li><strong>13/05/2008</strong> <a href=""> [Reunion ?]</a> See this <a href="">[directory]</a> to get all presentations in this reunion.</li> 
     85<li><strong> 08/04/2008</strong> <a href=""> [Réunion ORCHIDEE crops]</a> Il s'agissait de définir une versions crops d'ORCHIDEE, globale et simplifiée (par rapport à la version d'Alexis Berg) et permettant d'externaliser leurs paramtres.</li> 
     86<li><strong> 13/03/2008</strong> <a href=""> [ORCHIDEE au programme CARBOEUROPE et Biome Boundary Shift 2008]</a> This reunion had two parts :</li> 
     88<li>Philippe Ciais nous a parlé de la contribution d'ORCHIDEE au programme Carboeurope.     L'exposé fera le tour des contributions à ce programme, des sous-projets en cours     tout en nous donnant quelques résultats scientifiques importants obtenus.</li> 
     89<li>Toby Marthews et Sönke Zaehle ont assisté au meeting 'Biome Boundary Shift 2008' au     Japon début Mars 2008. The main idea of the workshop is to extend the definition of PFTs     in DGVMs. <br /> Scientific question addressed : are the boundaries between biomes going to shift in the future ?</li> 
     93<li><strong> 21/02/2006</strong> <a href=""> [Isotopes de la cellulose et Hydrologie Tristan d'Orgeval]</a> 2 réunions se sont succédées de jour là:</li> 
     95<li>la première, organisée par Valérie Masson, portait sur les mesures     faites par son équipe sur les isotopes de la cellulose dans les cernes d'arbres.     L'objectif étant de définir les éventuelles études que nous     pourrions réaliser conjointement (groupe ORCHIDEE-équipe de Valérie);</li> 
     96<li>la deuxième réunion avait pour objectif de faire le point sur les travaux     récents menés par Tristan d'Orgeval, Patricia de Rosnay et Martial Mancip sur la     mise au point de la nouvelle version de l'hydrologie dans ORCHIDEE.</li> 
     98<li><strong> 16/01/2006</strong> <a href=""> [Chimie ORCHIDEE]</a> L'objectif de cette réunion était de préparer l'inclusion définitive des émissions de composés biogéniques dans ORCHIDEE. Ces émissions ont été introduites par Juliette Lathière pendant sa thèse.</li> 
     100<li><strong> 20/09/2005</strong> <a href=""> [Nouveau site Web d'ORCHIDEE]</a> L'objectif de cette réunion était de faire le point sur le stage de Vincent Kiatkowski qui a travaillé sur la nouvelle version du site Web d'ORCHIDEE lors de son stage d'ingénieur avec Martial Mancip.</li> 
     101<li><strong> 22/06/2005</strong> <a href=""> [Projets soumis à l'ANR]</a> L'objectif de cette réunion était de présenter les différents projets ayant été soumis à l'ANR, impliquant ORCHIDEE. Il était important</li> 
     103<li>de faire circuler l'information sur les travaux envisagés autour de l'utilisation et des développements du code,</li> 
     104<li>d'évaluer les éventuelles implications de Martial pour une aide à ces développements,</li> 
     105<li>de sensibiliser les personnels impliqués aux versions de modèle disponibles,     et de les encourager à travailler sur des versions comparables dans la mesure du possible.</li> 
     107<li><strong> 17/05/2005</strong> <a href=""> [ORCHIDEE et les differents projets d'assimilation et d'inversion]</a> L'objectif de cette réunion était de faire le point sur</li> 
     109<li>les projets d'optimisation de paramètres du modèle (en cours),</li> 
     110<li> </li> 
     111<li>d'assimilation de données dans ORCHIDEE (à venir), et de préparer le     travail du développement de l'adjoint du modèle qui démarre au LSCE     (travail Franois Delage en CDD).</li> 
     113<li><strong> 12/04/2005</strong> <a href=""> [ORCHIDEE et l'utilisation des sols]</a> L'objectif de cette réunion était de faire le point sur les travaux menés autour du land-use dans ORCHIDEE à l'IPSL. Nous n'avons pas pu faire le tour de ces différents travaux qui feront donc l'objet d'une autre réunion avant la fin de l'année 2005 puisque l'essentiel des discussions a tourné autour de la définition de cartes et des scénarios que nous envisagions d'utiliser.</li> 
     114<li><strong> 08/03/2005</strong> <a href=""> [Effets du passage de l'hydrologie standard à l'hydrologie multi-couches]</a> L'objectif de cette réunion était de discuter des effets du passage de l'hydrologie standard (Ducoudré et al. 1993, de Rosnay et Polcher 1998) à l'hydrologie multi-couches (de Rosnay et al. 2000) sur les flux et bilans simulés par ORCHIDEE. Le calcul des stress hydriques influenant le carbone n'ont pas été revus ni vérifiés, il s'agissait donc également de discuter de la formulation de ces stress.</li> 
     115<li><strong> 08/02/2005</strong> <a href=""> [Présentation de Martial Mancip. Discussion sur les premières étapes de son travail.]</a> L'objectif de cette première réunion de l'année 2005 était de présenter Martial Mancip à l'ensemble du groupe, et de discuter des priorités de son cahier des charges.</li>