• Some correction on parallelization :
    In all files, we change all "index" variables because of index fortran keyword.
    ioipsl_para : respect getincom INTENT specification
    transfert_para : suppress the test that has forbid the use of only one processus with the parallel compilation.
    routing : routing was called with a test of local number of points. Then routing wasn't everywhere and it broke parallel communications. Sometimes on one processor, there should be only one land point.
  • hydrolc : Change check_waterbal to .FALSE.
    • Explicite initialization to zero of variables :
      bqsb, gqsb, dsg, dsp, mean_bqsb, mean_gqsb, dss, precisol, gdrainage, subsnowveg, subsnownobio, snowmelt, icemelt, mx_eau_var, ruu_ch, vegtot, resdist and runoff
    • hydrolc_snow : Suppression of a lot of messages
      " ATTENTION on prend de l eau au sol nu car evapsno est trop fort!"
      They are replaced by only one message.
    • hydrolc_soil : Correction (Yann Meurdesoif) of lbad algorithm to compute vertical diffusion.
  • slowproc : Change getin Key (and variable) VEGET_LENGTH for VEGET_UPDATE
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