• grid, data_para, intersurf : We add the areas of each cells in sechiba_history, because it is useful for post-treatment.
  • ioipsl_para : Bug correction on temp_g real 3D array allocation
  • constantes_veg : table type_of_lai modified by Nathalie : Even Sempervirens vegetation is allowed to have a small seasonal cycle.
  • condveg :
    • Bug in condveg_snow call : Sauf en cas de DGVM .... pour le moment car la somme des maxvegetfrac depasse 1! ! Si DGVM alors on passe veget.
    • Wrong comment for drysoil_frac "Dry soil heigth in meters" is replaced by its right definition "Fraction of visibly Dry soil(between 0 and 1)"
  • hydrolc : Bug correction with drysoil_frac

(not the "Dry soil heigth in meters", but the "Fraction of visibly Dry soil") Then recover hdry (old variable from 1.3 hydrol version) to compute subgrid definition with dss and dsp. Use this variable to define rsol in place of drysoil_frac.

  • intersurf :
    • exchange t2m/q2m string for histwrite (wrong order).
    • histdef :
      • Add dss and qsatt (but no histwrite for instance).
      • Protect CO2FLUX with ok_stomate or stomate_watchout condition.
      • histwrite2 : correct a axis problem with NEE
  • sechiba_io and sechiba_io_p : bug with is_key test (but it was not used).
  • sechiba_io_p : Add a function ok_var not used yet. It would give a logical depend on an external (getin) definition.
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