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    151151corrections : [wiki:ModelVersions/Diff1_9_1-1_9_2 Differences orchidee_1_9_1-1_9_2]. 
     153=== differencies between orchidee_1_9_5_1 and orchidee_1_9_5_2 === 
     154You can get this version with modipsl IPSL SCE or by following this web link : 
     157Even if this tag is not completly present in development tree of the model in ORCHIDEE wiki 
     159it is a big step to next ORCHIDEE_1_9_6 major version. 
     161Since the last ORCHIDEE_1_9_5_1 version, some important parts of the model has been improved, reviewed or corrected : 
     163 1. The change in units in STOMATE (i.e definition of variables in total m² not m²*veget_max) induced several modifications 
     164    in the vegetation dynamics (DGVM) that was not taken into account. [[BR]] 
     165    See for more informations on DGVM corrections.[[BR]] 
     166    New DGVM variables have been added in stomate_history file : ADAPTATION, REGENERATION, CN_IND, WOODMASS_IND, ESTABTREE and ESTABGRASS. 
     167 1. New optionnal field_out_names, fields_out, field_in_names, fields_in arrays are given from ORCHIDEE to LMDz.[[BR]] 
     168    This modification of the interface has already produce a new version of CMIP5 IPSL couple configuration. 
     169    IPSLCM5A_C with 2D couple carbon fluxes. 
     170 1. All ORCHIDEE_OL drivers have been parallelized and cleaned. 
     171 1. Global carbon mass balance has been computed and save with cMassVariation variable in stomate_history 
     172    and cBal_lands in MONITORING web site produced with libIGCM scripts for ORCHIDEE (see OOL_SEC_STO directory). 
     173 1. Case of reforestration has been treated with historical (or future) LAND USE activated. 
     175You can get all the changes between this new version and previous ORCHIDEE_1_9_5_1 tag, following this link : 
    153178== Validations ==