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    11= Brief description of the modifications done into LPJ module = 
     2The change in units in STOMATE (i.e definition of variables in total m² not m²*veget_max) induced several modifications in the vegetation dynamics that was not taken into account.  
     3Also an update of dynamics from recents version of LPJ have been taken into account as well as some errors compared to the initial version. 
     4These work was done by Z. Saehle. Main bug corrected was: 
     5- biomass per individual was not divided by surface of the pfts but it should be as individual is related the pft surface 
     6- likewise total biomass was not recalculated to take into account for the change in veget_max 
     7- calculation of dynamics was incorrect (it was the main reason for including a constant mortality). 
     8- to be able to separate between C3 and C4 grass, the establishment rate is now function of long term npp 
     9- agricultural area was not taken into account for calculation of surface covered by natural vegetation and then for competition 
     10- annual fpc coverage was based on mean LAI that is not fair for deciduous compared to evergreen. Now it is based on max LAI 
     11- Calculation of woodmass_ind was removed from lpj_crown as it cannot be calculated correctly after introduction of a PFT 
     12Another change (not directly impacting the vegetation dynamics but more realistic and that would allow to shift for static to dynamic mode correctly) is that the number of individual (IND) and 
     13individual crown (CN_IND) is now calculated dynamically even in static mode. 
     14Some bug correctly in the version of Sönke was also corrected.