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The trunk is the main version of ORCHIDEE where all developments are integrated before a reference version is created. See the trunk here. Note you need to be connected to access the trunk source code.

News :

  • While compiling LMDZ with the trunk ORCHIDEE, preprocessor flag ORCHIDEE_NOOPENMP must be removed from main makefile of LMDZ. This is the case using configuraion ORCHIDEE_OL, LMDZOR_v5.2 and all _v6 configurations.
  • The proposed compiling is done from modipsl/config/ORCHIDEE_OL using gmake. See how to extract and compile the trunk Documentation/UserGuide/InstallingORCHIDEEBasic
  • The trunk can not use tagged version v2_2_1 or earlier of IOIPSL. Revision 2020 or later of IOIPSL/trunk/src must be used.


New branches are created as a copy from the trunk.


Different tags of ORCHIDEE are done as a copy of the trunk at a specific moment. See here all existing tags : SourceCode/Tags. The last years tags are replaced by specific revision numbers on the trunk. See these revisions here ReferenceSimulations.


Step 1: technical regression tests

The trusting is a bench of tests done at nearly each new revision of ORCHIDEE trunk. All simulations are compared with previous version of ORCHIDEE. A set of tests coupled and offline are preformed at curie/TGCC, ada/IDRIS and obelix/LSCE.

See results here (click on tab ORCHIDEE and the underlying tabs for TGCC, IDRIS and LSCE)

Step 2: more technical tests

More tests are performed on selected revision on the trunk of ORCHIDEE. See here details on tests done on different trunk revisions:

Step 3 : simulations

For a scientific validation, a set of simulations are done on some revision on the trunk. See the page ReferenceSimulations.



Commit on the trunk

Only some people have the permission to commit on the trunk. See here some guidelines for commit on the trunk.
These guidelines can also be applied to branches.

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