Main changes on the trunk/ORCHIDEE_OL

  • [4340] : Revert back to 4337 to be adapted to the HEAD of the trunk again
  • [4339] : Revert back monitoring to before 4319 to have a version adapted for IPSLCM6.0.10 (to be extracted with LMDZOR_v6)
  • [4337] : Set DO_RSOIL=y in run.def (as in IPSLCM6.0.10)
  • [4319] : Adapt monitoring for carbon fluxes due to change of these variables in the same commit
  • [4213] : Added file in sechiba.driver and sechiba.card (done in xml rev[4214])
  • [4112] : Updated configuration with options as in IPSLCM6.0.8-LR coupled configuration :
    • use vegetation map and albedo background map
    • activated parameters for stress on vcmax/gs/gm. Optimized parameters for albedo
  • [3799] : Activated 12 soil texture classes with UDSA. Bug correction : put back file in OL_SEC/COMP/sechiba.card, this error was introduced in rev [3671].
  • [3669] : Deactivated soil freezing. Activate ROUGH_DYN=y (Su parametrization). The offline configuration is comparable to IPSLCM6.0.5-LR coupled configuration.
  • [3551] : Activated soil freezing and explicit snow, change to 90m soil depth.
  • [3543] : in ORCHIDEE_OL : switch to use XIOS2. Extraction is also changed here :
  • [1239] 2013-03-26 : Modifications for PFTmap and LAND USE. See here the new behavior :
    • Modifications on the PFTmap file name will not be done by the driver anymore and sechiba.card will not be modified either.
      • For same PFTmap every year, set in sechiba.card VEGET_UPDATE=0Y and keep file in section InitialStateFiles/List => default set up
      • For annual change of PFTmap in december, set in sechiba.card VEGET_UPDATE=1Y, add file for next coming year(use variable year_p1="current year+1") in BoundaryFiles/List and remove it from InitialStateFiles/List. For exemple :
        List=	(${R_BC}/SRF/${config_UserChoices_TagName}/PFTmap_1850to2005_AR5_LUHa.rc2/PFTmap_IPCC_${year_p1}.nc,
    • Removed LAND_USE and OLD_VEGET variables in sechiba.card :
      • For LAND_USE=y, this is the default, do nothing
      • For OLD_VEGET=y, set LAND_USE=n in PARAM/run.def
  • [1238] 2013-03-26 : Specific treatement for file is now done directly in run.card and stomate.card. file and cannot be stored in Restart dierctory anymore due to the pack tool mandatory at TGCC. The file is now stored in :
    # before packing, temporary directory at SCRATCHDIR at curie or WORKDIR at ada :
    # after packing in final archive directory at CCCSTOREDIR or gaya in tar :
  • [1236] 2013-03-26 : file is no longer written by default. If you want to reactivate this file do following :
    • Add in PARAM/run.def :
    • Add in COMP/stomate.card archiving of this file. The file will be found in same directory as, see above. Change to follwing in section [OutputText] :
      List=   (used_run.def,,
  • [1227] et rev 1228 2013-03-20 : Added SpaceName and ExperimentName in SPINUP, FLUXNET and ENSEMBLE
  • [1226] 2013-03-20 : Added SpaceName and ExperimentName in config.card (not yet for SPINUP/FLUXNET). Output will be found in IGCM_OUT/TagName/SpaceName/ExperimentName/JobName. This is done to help organizing output.
    • If SpaceName=TEST, no pack will be done and no send to archive directory(CCCSTORE or gaya) will be done. Output are instead found at curie SCRATCHDIR/IGCM_OUT or at ada WORKDIR/IGCM_OUT.
    • ExperimentName is set to carrecteraize the simulation type. Severale job can have the same ExperimentName.
    • SpaceName and ExperimentName can be remove but in that case, remove both of them.
  • [1225] 2013-03-20 : Made directory SPINUP independent from the other directories. All skelet for subjobs are now found in ORCHIDEE_OL/SPINUP/SUBJOB directory.
    • For exemple a modification in config/ORCHIDEE_OL/OOL_SEC_STO will no longer change a ORCHIDEE_OL/SPINUP simulation. Modifications can instead be done in SPINUP/SUBJOB/OOL_SEC_STO.
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