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In this section, are presented the main steps (tags) of the main version (trunk) of ORCHIDEE. For each tag, the differences with the precedent version are described. Here below, are also presented the next evolutions of the trunk and the associated tags.


You can get this version with modipsl IPSL SCE or by following this web link :

Even if this tag is not completly present in development tree of the model in ORCHIDEE wiki, it is a big step to next ORCHIDEE_1_9_6 major version.

Since the last ORCHIDEE_1_9_5_1 version, some important parts of the model has been improved, reviewed or corrected :

  1. The change in units in STOMATE (i.e definition of variables in total m² not m²*veget_max) induced several modifications in the vegetation dynamics (DGVM) that was not taken into account.
    See for more informations on DGVM corrections.
    New DGVM variables have been added in stomate_history file : ADAPTATION, REGENERATION, CN_IND, WOODMASS_IND, ESTABTREE and ESTABGRASS.
  2. New optionnal field_out_names, fields_out, field_in_names, fields_in arrays are given from ORCHIDEE to LMDz.
    This modification of the interface has already produce a new version of CMIP5 IPSL couple configuration. IPSLCM5A_C with 2D couple carbon fluxes.
  3. All ORCHIDEE_OL drivers have been parallelized and cleaned.
  4. Global carbon mass balance has been computed and save with cMassVariation variable in stomate_history and cBal_lands in MONITORING web site produced with libIGCM scripts for ORCHIDEE (see OOL_SEC_STO directory).
  5. Case of reforestration has been treated with historical (or future) LAND USE activated.

You can get all the changes between this new version and previous ORCHIDEE_1_9_5_1 tag, following this link :


Parallel "MERGE" version with 13 PFTs in STOMATE.


Last standard STOMATE model (with 12 PFTs). This is a branch and should change in the future.
This is the right version with a lot of bug corrections.


04/08/2006 : ajout correction hdry hydrolc + slowproc land_use (with only one year). The version orchidee_1_9_1 contains many bugs and should not be used. This link describes those corrections : Differences orchidee_1_9_1-1_9_2.


../../.... : Tag japan. Some problems have been corrected in version orchidee_1_9_1 for parallelization. See this link : Differences orchidee_1_9-1_9_1.


../../.... : Add parallelization.
This version has many bugs and shouldn't be used. The differencies between orchidee_1_8 and orchidee_1_9 are describe here Differences orchidee_1_8-1_9? .


../../.... : First merge of FH/NdN in HEAD branch.
This version has many bugs and shouldn't be used. The differencies between orchidee_1_7 and orchidee_1_8 are describe here Differences orchidee_1_7-1_8? .


11/07/2006 : working branch for parallel version.
This version has many bugs and shouldn't be used.


09/15/2006 : Intermediate TAG in root of parallel branch ORCHIDEE_PARA. The differencies between orchidee_1_2 and orchidee_1_7 are describe here Differences orchidee_1_2-1_7? .


../../.... : That is the end of "reference branch". Implementation of Nathalie De Noblet modifications.
This is the right version with a lot of bug corrections.


11/07/2006 : First implementation of so called "orchidee_beton". It contains modifications of Frederic Hourdin.
This version has many bugs and shouldn't be used.


09/01/2005 : TAG for LOOP couple model.


04/01/2004 : TAG version used for IPCC AR4 for IPSL_CM4_v1_OASIS3 couple model. The differencies between orchidee_1_2 and orchidee_1_3 are describe here Differences orchidee_1_2-1_3? .


03/04/2003 : Beginning of reference branch. This the beginning of the so called "reference branch" by people.
This branch has 4 TAGs :

  • orchidee_1_3 : This TAG has a branch for adding compilation in brodie IDRIS calculator : orchidee_1_3_1.
    • This specific branch orchidee_1_3_1 won't be compared because there is no modification on source code.
    • Only makefiles were updated.
  • orchidee_1_4
  • orchidee_1_5
  • orchidee_1_6

The differencies between orchidee_1_1 and orchidee_1_2 are describe here Differences orchidee_1_1-1_2 .


12/04/2002 : first reference version (not describe here).


03/02/2002 : first ORCHIDEE version (not describe here).


08/02/2000 : ORCHIDEE CVS creation point.

Description of differences between ORCHIDEE versions

Last change : 2009-01-27

This page describe the different ORCHIDEE versions. Only physical or important informatic differences will be describe. Then no line cut nore modifications in comments in this description.

To get a specific version of ORCHIDEE, you can use this alias in your .cshrc :

alias cvs_orc      'cvs -d'

You must have ORCHIDEE source login/password registred in your ~/.cvspass file.
You must ask Martial Mancip (or other authorized ORCHIDEE group members) for login/password to access to the protected source (not by mail) - see Martial Mancip for contact.

When this configuration is set correctly (and adapted if your login shell is bash or other), you can get a specific orchidee_version_to_get with the simple command :

prompt> cvs_orc co -r orchidee_version_to_get ORCHIDEE

For branch TAGs only, you must specify the date of the beginning of the branch, otherwise you will get le last point of the branch by default :

prompt> cvs_orc co -r orchidee_branch_to_get -d the_date ORCHIDEE

A presentation of differencies between versions 1.3 - 1.6 and series 1.9 is here :

Models and Configurations

Model ORCHIDEE can be reach at link ORCHIDEE source.

Each ORCHIDEE versions are validated with three sort of runs :

  • OFF-LINE mode :
    • that is for ORCHIDEE group the mode with ORCHIDEE_OL driver. Please have a look on ORCHIDEE Scientific Web
    • In this configuration, we use atmospheric climatology to force the surface model. There are two sorts of atmospheric datas :
      • NCC datas high frequency (6 hours average) in one degree resolution. The model will interpolate them to obtain half hour time step values.
      • WG_cru file with monthly average datas. The driver has a special mode to generate half hour time step values. The resolution can change from half degree to four degrees.
    • Most versions were tested with NCC files with 20 years runs from 1980 to 1999. Then we compare last 10 years averages.
  • ON-LINE mode :
    • that is for ORCHIDEE group the mode where ORCHIDEE is built as a module of the atmospheric model LMDz4 (see LMDZ4).
    • In this configuration, we use a 96x71 grid to validate TO DO.
  • Couple mode :
    • that is the Global Climate Model of IPSL. See IGCMG Web and IGCMG Models for more informations.
    • In this configuration, we have all IPSL climate models coupled together. It is the IPCC configuration.


List of ORCHIDEE TAGs and Branchs and TAG action date :

Difference between versions

To see difference between version, you have to get both version in local (namely orchidee_path_1, orchidee_path_2). Then you can apply two commands to see informations between versions :

diff -w --ignore-all-space --ignore-case --recursive  --exclude="Entries" --exclude="Tag" \
      orchidee_path_1/ORCHIDEE/ orchidee_path_2/ORCHIDEE/ > diff_1-2.f90

And to get log informations with date1 and date2 refered respectively to TAG actions dates for version1 and version2 (see TAG informations above) :

cvs log -d 'date1+1<date2' > cvs_log_diff_1_2-1_3

note :

  1. I put "date1+1" that means "date1 + 1 day" because you only want to see commit messages after version1 TAG.
    For example, orchidee_1_1 has been tagged the 12/04/2002. Then you must use date1+1 = 12/05/2002 (dates for CVS are in american format).
  2. You will get all informations on commits between the two dates. Then you will get some commit messages on other branch too if there are some.


See page ValidateOrchidee.