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The trunk is the main version of ORCHIDEE where all developements are integreted before a tag is created. See the trunk here. New branches will, from now on, be created as a copy from the trunk. See below the main changes in the trunk. All modifications that change the results should be mentioned in this list. The complete list of all modifications at the trunk can be seen in the svn log.

News :

  • Now compiling is done in modeles/ORCHIDEE using "gmake driver". See below how to extract and compile the trunk
  • The trunk can not use tagged version v2_2_1 or earlier of IOIPSL(since rev 511 ?). Revision 1660 or later of IOIPSL/trunk/src must be used.

Main changes on the trunk

  • rev 1042 : Re-organization 1 : moved driver source code from ORCHIDEE_OL into ORCHIDEE/src_driver
  • rev 1028 : Corrected bug for routing in coupled and offline mode. The bug was introduced in rev 947
  • rev 949 : Small correction needed to compile at Vargas/IDRIS
  • rev 947 : Inclusion of the developements from branches/Hydrology => Change in results. The routing does not work in coupled mode as the case was at branche Hydrology. See notes for validation here.
  • rev 945 : Bug correction due to inverse loop
  • rev 890 :
    • Start inclusion of COV
    • Modification in initialization of lai if it is not in restart file and for the cas read_lai. Ligne 1051 in slowproc. => Change in results.
    • This revision do not run in coupled mode with currrent LMDZ due to modification in interface.
  • rev 875 : Created the tag 1.9.6 as a copy of this revision Tag 1.9.6
  • rev 864 : Specific leaf area (SLA) is prescribed => Change in results.
  • rev 861 : Correct solarang and time_zone functions. => May change results (not for LMDZ-OR at vargas)
  • Change in diagnostics (history) files in some revisions between 720-740.
  • rev 511 : Included externalization branch in the trunk => Change in results.
  • rev 392 : Created the tag as a copy of this revision Tag

Download and compile the trunk


Download the trunk using the script model in modipsl :

> svn co modipsl
> cd modipsl/util
> ./model ORCHIDEE_trunk
> cd ../modeles/ORCHIDEE
> gmake driver

If using an older version than rev 1042(version without ORCHIDEE/src_driver), then use the script recup_my_ORCHIDEE. This script is stored in modipsl/util :

> svn co modipsl
> cd modipsl/util
> ./recup_my_ORCHIDEE your_svn_login trunk [optional_REV]


The routing is not working in the trunk in coupled mode since the inclusion of Hydrology branch rev 947. To desactivate the routing, put RIVER_ROUTING=n in orchidee.def parameter file.

> svn co modipsl
> cd modipsl/util

> vi mod.def     => Modifiy mod.def to get ORCHIDEE trunk version instead of default.
                    Modifiy also to get a modified version of IOIPSL
change following line :
#-C- LMDZOR_v5  tags/ORCHIDEE_1_9_5/ORCHIDEE HEAD   14 ORCHIDEE   modeles
#-C- LMDZOR_v5  trunk/ORCHIDEE               HEAD  14 ORCHIDEE   modeles

and following line :
#-C- LMDZOR_v5  IOIPSL/tags/v2_2_1/src       HEAD  8  IOIPSL/src modeles
#-C- LMDZOR_v5  IOIPSL/trunk/src             1660  8  IOIPSL/src modeles

> ./model LMDZOR_v5               # Extracting all modeles and tools

> cd ../config/LMDZOR_v5 ; gmake  # Compiling