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  • Orchidee code is versionned with Subversion software.
    All the versions are archived on a specific server and saved every day. Subversion can track changes made to a file by associating both a revision number and a message called commit.
    SVN let you answer the following questions : When did I do this modification? Why did I modify my file? Could I recover a previous version of my file?
    Subversion will let you organize properly your work : no need to have many back-up copies, easy access to your previous versions and changes, revisions log...
    ORCHIDEE users are strongly advised to manage their own version under SVN system. In return, they can obtain support by the ORCHIDEE engineers team.

See SubVersion page for all commands and a course prepared by Didier Solyga (last version november 2012) here.
A printable version of the course exists (with 3 slides a page + notes) : here


  • Orchidee can be launched within the debugger IDB. A great way to make debugging more efficient. See DeBugging page for details.

Regular expressions

  • A regular expression (regex or regexp for short) is a special text string for describing a search pattern. They are used by various shell tools like grep, sed, awk, gawk or emacs to manipulate automatically files and strings. Their powerful specifications allow to do massive modifications in scripts, programs, data files and so on. They are intensely used in the process preparing the Orchidee fortran files for assimilation.

You can find reference sheets here and on Wikipedia

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