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Maintenance Site for ORCHIDEE

Last change : 2010-11-09

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The wiki is the "informatic site" for ORCHIDEE. Please visit official Orchidee site :
CVS TREE (with password) :
SVN TREE : see

MODIPSL beginner :

ORCHIDEE is the new land-surface scheme of the IPSL. This scheme is the result of the coupling of
the SECHIBA land-surface scheme, which is dedicated to the surface energy and water balances, and
the carbon and vegetation model STOMATE. As the model goes into the production phase we will have
more time to dedicate to the documentation and this Web page.

All users of will be editors in this site.

Work in progress

Developpement tree of ORCHIDEE model for june 2011 (see reunion_ORC_30_juin.pdf):
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OrchideeDocumentation? using Doxygen to prepare the scientific and technical documentation

ForestryWork? work on a new Forestry and isotope model of Valentin Belassem and Thomas Eglin

Report of ORCHIDEE-PROJECT meetings are in ProjectReports?

Report of technical meetings are in TechnicalReports?

ORCHIDEE SRE (System Running Environment) course is in attachment

Land Use managment is describe on this LandUse page.

Informations on ORCHIDEE coupled with STICS code is described in OrchideeStics?.

See also ParallelVersion of ORCHIDEE page.

See SpinUpJobs? page for documentation on spin-up procedure for ORCHIDEE.

See ReportDgvm page for report on update of the Vegetation Dynamic module.

See FluxnetValidation? page for documentation on FLUXNET validation job.

Nicolas Viovy works in progress in this page : WorkViovy

Working on obelix here WorkObelix

Working with Assimilation Team in AssimilationWork?

Work on externalisation : ExternalisationParameters?

Working on acceleration of the spin-up : AccelerationSpinup?

Work on the "cleaning" of ORCHIDEE (version 2.0): CleanOrchidee

CMIP5 METAFOR MetaforOrc? questions.

Some news

Documentation of ORCHIDEE_OL scripts here.

SVN server is OK on forge !! see SubVersion? page for all commands.

VegetMap page describes different ORCHIDEE maps for vegetation (veget_max) and different versions.

ValidateOrchidee page has been created ! A lot of simulations from Nathalie De Noblet, Rachid Benshila, Martial Mancip and Patricia Cadule have been referenced and pointed. Please have a look !

Download modipsl/util/mod.def ORCHIDEE_OL1_9_MERGE model : new official version
driver OOL_1_9_4 TAG is now avaible !
orchidee_1_9_4 TAG is now avaible !
You can use last modipsl version to get it with ORCHIDEE_OL1_9_MERGE configuration.

For so-called "MERGE" or "Shilong" version (13 PFTs in STOMATE) :

  • The sequential (not parallelized) version has been Taged :
    • for standard driver, it is OOL_1_8_2_MERGE tag.
    • for ORCHIDEE source, it is orchidee_1_8_2 tag.
  • The last "classical" (in sense of 12 PFTs in STOMATE) but parallel version is
    • for the driver and new scripts OOL_1_9_2
    • for ORCHIDEE source orchidee_1_9_3 with some corrections and new restart (not by default) that make 12 months of SECHIBA equal to one YEAR.
  • And the new version is the parallelization of orchidee_1_8_2 with tags :
    • tag OOL_1_9_3 for the ORCHIDEE_OL driver and scripts.
    • the new orchidee_1_9_4 tag.

Important note : on the both so-called MERGE version orchidee_1_8_2_MERGE and orchidee_1_9_4, the DGVM model will not work correctly (for theoretical reason) and shouldn't be used.

I have modify mod.def in modipsl to be compatible for all those new versions. Please see the notes of the training course on modipsl and the coupled model on the link :

Coupled model : IPSLCM4_v2 for new users' là :

Document CSPOLE 15/05/08 : Fiche décrivant le modèle et le travail sur ORCHIDEE en 2008.
Un point :

In attachement

  • CVS : CVS management tree. See page ModelVersions for more informations on each ORCHIDEE Tags.
  • orchidee.def (must be renamed as run.def for the run) : all external parameters (english and french)
  • callgraphs : Graph tree of the code (from valgrind/callgrind and kcachegrind/graphviz packages)

See also LastChanges page.