Working group: G. Berthier, P. Ciais, J. Ghattas, F. Maignan, S. Peng, P. Peylin, N. Viovy

Two recent MIPs (MsTMIP and TRENDY2) have evidenced two defaults in ORCHIDEE:

  • a too large GPP at global scale,
  • a too large response to CO2 increasing atmospheric concentrations.

For the first part S. Peng has demonstrated that the problem was mainly in the Tropics. Based on publications he proposed the modifications of several parameters for tropical forests (PFT 2 and 3):

  • allocation to stem fraction (Malhi et al., 2011),
  • maintenance respiration (Piao et al., 2010 ; Malhi et al., 2011 ; Verbeeck et al., 2011 ; Kuppel et al., 2012),
  • coefficients of biomass export (Earles at al., 2012).

For the second part, P. Ciais proposed to add a CO2 down-regulation process (Sellers et al., 1996 ; Bounoua et al., 1999, 2010). It was implemented in diffuco_trans_co2 in the following manner:

      IF (downregulation_co2) THEN
         vcmax(:,jv) = assim_param(:,jv,ivcmax)*(un-downregulation_co2_coeff(jv)*log(ccanopy(:)/downregulation_co2_baselevel))	
         vjmax(:,jv) = assim_param(:,jv,ivjmax)*(un-downregulation_co2_coeff(jv)*log(ccanopy(:)/downregulation_co2_baselevel))	
         vcmax(:,jv) = assim_param(:,jv,ivcmax)
         vjmax(:,jv) = assim_param(:,jv,ivjmax)

Tests were done for MsTMIP and TRENDY-2 at a coarse 2° spatial resolution:

Considering these results, it was decided to commit these changes, they were done in revision [1882].

All references are available on the Cloud.

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