What is POST_IT ?

POST_IT is a complementary package of SAXO. The main goal is to visualize models' outputs in a
simple manner with a limited knowledge of IDL.

What's new ?

  • Mid-November 2007 : Add some modifications from Eric's version
  • End of November 2007 : If you dowload the last version of SAXO, take the last update of POST_IT for
    the routine (structures varcontient and contient do not exist anymore)
  • End of January 2008 : Add some new modifications from Eric who started to play with the svn version.
  • March 2008 : Creation of a tag v1.1.1 for the revision 79 before major changes in the reading data procedures.
    To get this tagged version, just type the following command
    svn checkout POST_IT
  • Beginning April 2008 : The new reading routines have been implemented. It should simplify new developments.
    Now, it is possible to read 3D data from atmospheric grids (one condition : initialise with the file and not with grids_*.nc)


First, you have to install SAXO : Have a look on

Second, load POST_IT (the first version is available):

  • If you are a regular user (non developer) :
    svn checkout POST_IT
  • If you are a developer with a login on the forge machine:
    svn checkout svn+ssh:// POST_IT



We are trying now to make a wiki documentation (available since January 2008). Of course, it is not complete: Documentation
Formerly, there was a pdf presentation (this one was just a draft and won't be improved): How_to_use_post_it.pdf below.

About SVN, trac

If you are a developer in the project and if you want to know more about SVN (commit, status, update...), download the file SVN-Book_version1.2.pdf below.
Another good wiki page to help start a project on the forge machine using svn, trac... :



POST_IT project team

Eric Guilyardi (author, developper) (LOCEAN)
Michel Kolasinski (project-owner, co-developper) (LOCEAN)
Other members : ...

Special thanks to Olivier Thauvin and Francoise Pinsard for the help provided on trac, svn and the use of the forge machine.

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