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What is SAXO

SAXO is a package (~400 routines, ~60 000 code lines) used to easily and quickly visualize and analyze models outputs or data observations. It is based on IDL and contains a Graphic User Interface. Developed in collaboration with LOCEAN researchers, it allows to explore four dimension data which may be gridded or irregularly spaced. It is particularly adapted to the "Arakawa C grid" discretization used in NEMO. In addition to graphical procedures, interpolation modules and other things 
, it contains a set of programs dedicated to oceanographic diagnostics. More 

What's new ?

  • September 2006: One unique online_help for IDL and SAXO (requires IDL 6.2 or higher).
  • Summer 2006: English translation of headers, add pltv and documentation of xxx.
  • March 2006-May 2006 : migration of obsolete CVS repository + Sébastien Masson improvements in a beautiful "trac+svn" project.



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First Steps with SAXO. See also plots of First Steps in All plots A short overview and documentation of xxx widget is now available.

A complete and convenient description of all SAXO routines can be found in the web pages created by IDLdoc.

Some useful Tips and links.

SAXO team

Sébastien Masson Author

Clément De Boyer Montégut Co-author

Françoise Pinsard Project owner (trac, mailman and svn)

Olivier ThauvinIPSL forge maintainer

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