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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#61 trouble with xxx reopened somebody blocker provide usefull and beautifull documentations component1
#15 plttg: generalised axis type in pltt (use for wavelet for example) new somebody critical virtual machine component1
#73 more helpfull make_selection output new somebody major component1
#74 about SMALL new somebody major component1
#77 new release and repository of idldoc new somebody major component1
#78 upgrade to trac 1.0.1 new somebody major component1
#18 add debug_w switch in + for print in debug mode new somebody minor component1
#28 create pltc: display the cells of the grid with colors (instead of using contour as in plt). new somebody minor component1
#30 sigma coordinates etc... new smasson minor component1
#64 In DocBook V5.0, ImageObjectCO will be discarded. In its place, use MediaObjectCO. new somebody minor provide usefull and beautifull documentations component1
#75 common initialization ? new somebody minor component1
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