Welcome to IPSL-CMC documentation and training page, maintained by the Plateforme group


Documentation starts here.


You will find information and documents about the training sessions organised by the Platform work group here.

Important News

News are sent to the platform-users mailing list. Important news are also available here.

Mailing lists

There are two mailing lists associated with the Platform work group:

  • platform-users : Open to every one, inscription ‚Äčthere. This list is meant as a place for all users of IPSL-cmc tools (mainly libIGCM and modipsl) to help each other. These tools are generic, whatever the configuration (LMDZ,LMDZOR, LMDZORINCA, LMDZReprobus, ORCHIDEE, NEMO, IPSLCM5A...). Discussions are open to all and both French and English languages are welcome.
  • esci : Platform work group private list, used to coordinate our work. Open to those who want to take part in the developments.


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