Welcome to IGCMG documentation and training page, maintained by the ''Plateforme'' group at IPSL-CMC

This users' manual describes the models and tools developed at the IPSL Climate Modeling Center.

platform-users email list : Open to every one by inscription there. This list is meant as a place for all users of the tools in this documentation to help each other. These tools are generic. Discussions are open to all and both French and English languages are welcome.

1. Introduction

2. IPSL training courses

3. Computing centers and environments

4. Install a configuration

5. Compile

6. Simulation setup

7. Running simulation and post-processing

8. Check, debug and relaunch simulation and post-processing jobs

9. Data and Analyse

10. Configurations

11. The IPSL models

12. Tools developed by IPSL and IPSL partners

13. Frequently Asked Questions

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