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Working on ciclad

ciclad is an IPSL computing server located on the Jussieu campus in Paris, France.


hotline : svp-ciclad@…

The machines and file systems

The front-end machine can be accessed via the IP.

Data files must be placed in /data/ or in the filesystem dedicated to your project.

Shared account

cf. Repository for shared files and shared tools /ipslfs/igcmg/IGCM belonging to the account igcmg (${HOME}=/home/igcmg)

$ id -a igcmg
uid=31575(igcmg) gid=31575(igcmg) groups=31575(igcmg)

Individual account

You must belong to the igcmg users' group.

cf. to check the result of the command

id -a

How to define your environment

Add the following line in your login file (e.g. /home/igcmg/.bashrc) :

. /home/igcmg/.atlas_env_ciclad_ksh

for the FORTRAN compiler, the NetCDF library, ferret,...

To find out the selected implementation in the MPI library

mpi-selector --query

If the answer is different from :


or if you are not using the FORTRAN compiler gfortran you must change this environment with mpi-selector --set by choosing among the possibilities returned by the command mpi-selector --list.

Job manager commands

torque/maui tool

End-of-job messages

To receive the end-of-job messages returned by the job itself (e.g. end of simulation, error,...) you must specify your email address in the file ${HOME}/.forward.

How to choose the number of processes?

Example of job for a MPI executable

libIGCM specificities on ciclad