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     3<h1>Computing centers and environments</h1> 
     6[[NoteBox(note,The supported machine types (also called computing environment) that can be used with the IPSL Climate Modeling Center tools and models are described in this chapter., 600px)]] 
     8[[TOC(heading=Table of contents,depth=1,inline)]] 
     9[[PageOutline(1,Table of contents,pullout)]] 
     12# [wiki:/DocBenvAidris IDRIS] # 
     13[wiki:DocBenvAidris IDRIS environment] 
     17# [wiki:DocBenvBtgcc TGCC] # 
     18[wiki:DocBenvBtgcc TGCC environment] 
     21# [wiki:DocBenvClsce LSCE] # 
     22[wiki:DocBenvClsce LSCE computing environment] 
     26# [wiki:DocBenvDipsl IPSL] # 
     27[wiki:DocBenvDipsl IPSL computing environment] 
     31# [wiki:DocBenvEcommonfiles Shared files] # 
     32[wiki:DocBenvEcommonfiles Shared files] 
     36# How to use the IPSL models and tools with a local PC # 
     38## Compiling ## 
     39### Choosing a target in AA_make.gdef ### 
     40The ins_make script from modipsl will probably not recognize the local PC to create makefiles. You must then choose or create a new target in the util/AA_make.gdef file, adapt it to its new computing environment (compiler, options, netcdf  path,etc), and create a new makefile with  
     42./ins_make -t new_target 
     45Please refer to the model managers of your model configuration to learn more about how to compile the IPSL models on a local PC and which compilers can be used with the models. [[BR]] 
     47### An example for IOIPSL and ORCHIDEE ### 
     48To compile IOIPSL and ORCHIDEE, for instance, we recommend the gfortran compiler with the gfortran target in AA_make.gef. You must check and adapt the NetCDF path before creating new makefiles with ./ins_make -t gfortran.  
     50cd modipsl/util 
     51vi AA_make.gdef   # Check the following lines: 
     52   #-Q- gfortran  NCDF_INC = /usr/local/include 
     53   #-Q- gfortran  NCDF_LIB = -L/usr/local/lib -lnetcdf 
     54./ins_make -t gfortran 
     58## Simulation with libIGCM ## 
     59When using libIGCM on a local PC, the parameters of the default system described in the libIGCM_sys/libIGCM_sys_default.ksh file will be used. You may have to change this file to match your system. [[BR]] 
     61A minimum subset of files located on the shared IGCM account must be downloaded and installed. This directory is called R_IN in libIGCM_sys_default.ksh and it has the default path /home/${LOGIN}/IGCM. 
     63## Installing rebuild ## 
     64The output of most of the models (ORCHIDEE, LMDZ, INCA, REPROBUS) must be recombined to the total horizontal domain when simulation is done in parallele mode.  
     66The tool for this is rebuild. The rebuild tool is called in the post-processing phase by libIGCM. rebuild is a fortran code included in IOIPSL. rebuild must be installed and compiled on the local machine. The rebuild can then be used interactively outside libIGCM or in the post-processing phase.  
     71cd modipsl/util 
     72./model IOIPSL_PLUS 
     73# Modify AA_make.gdef for the compiling as above 
     74./ins_make -t new_target 
     75cd ../modeles/IOIPSL/tools 
     80For use with libIGCM, add the path to your rebuild in libIGCM_sys/libIGCM_sys_default.ksh.  
     82'''Use in interactive mode'''[[BR]] 
     84rebuild can also be used interactively. For example create the global file as following : 
     87./rebuild -h 
     88./rebuild -o sechiba_history_00*