source: trunk/NEMOGCM/TOOLS/SIREN/cfg/dimension.cfg @ 7646

Last change on this file since 7646 was 7646, checked in by timgraham, 4 years ago

Merge of dev_merge_2016 into trunk. UPDATE TO ARCHFILES NEEDED for XIOS2.
LIM_SRC_s/limrhg.F90 to follow in next commit due to change of kind (I'm unable to do it in this commit).
Merged using the following steps:

1) svn merge —reintegrate svn+ssh:// .
2) Resolve minor conflicts in and namelist_cfg for ORCA2LIM3 (due to a change in trunk after branch was created)
3) svn commit
4) svn switch svn+ssh://
5) svn merge svn+ssh:// .
6) At this stage I checked out a clean copy of the branch to compare against what is about to be committed to the trunk.
6) svn commit #Commit code to the trunk

In this commit I have also reverted a change to which was causing problems on the Paris machine.

File size: 154 bytes
2   cn_dimX="x","xaxis"
3   cn_dimY="y","yaxis"
4   cn_dimZ="z","deptht","depthu","depthv","depthw","ncatice"
5   cn_dimT="t","time","time_counter"
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