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(edit) @12140   15 months kingr Added option to remove tides from SLA bkg by taking average over 24h50m.
(edit) @12139   15 months kingr Fix typo in comments
(edit) @12125   15 months kingr Correct ge to gt in time window check.
(edit) @12103   15 months dford Remove branch as changes merged back.
(edit) @12102   15 months dford Fix syntax error and relax diagnostic check. See Met Office utils ticket …
(edit) @12060   15 months andmirek GMED 450 print only with lwp/lwm
(edit) @12044   15 months kingr Bugfix to only alter times of SLA when bkg is time-averaged.
(edit) @12036   15 months kingr Fix to update times only when bkg time-averged.
(edit) @12035   15 months kingr Added option to remove tides from SLA by taking average over 24h50m.
(edit) @12007   15 months dford Remove stoichiometric balancing.
(edit) @12006   15 months dford Further update following merge.
(edit) @12005   15 months dford Branch for test with no phytoplankton balancing.
(edit) @12004   15 months dford Correct merge errors from previous commit.
(edit) @12003   15 months dford Merge in change relating to pressure correction.
(edit) @11990   15 months dford Get the nitrogen balancing working with 3D chlorophyll increments.
(edit) @11979   15 months dford Bug fixes: update indexing, and initialise arrays after allocation.
(edit) @11978   15 months dford Update BDY scheme to remove dead zone.
(edit) @11977   15 months dford Branch for minor code changes as described in …
(edit) @11965   15 months frrh Save updates for special viscosity adjustments in S polar region.
(edit) @11964   15 months frrh Branch to apply variable viscosity at high S latitudes as per Pierre's …
(edit) @11958   15 months dford Branch to test use of nitrogen balancing scheme with 3D chlorophyll …
(edit) @11953   15 months dcarneir Compilation errors fixed in asminc.F90 and diaobs.F90
(edit) @11952   15 months dcarneir Compilation errors fixed in asminc.F90
(edit) @11948   15 months dcarneir Including obs_readsnowdepth.F90 to OBS folder
(edit) @11944   15 months dcarneir Changing asminc.F90 in order to avoid merge conflicts
(edit) @11939   16 months dcarneir Changing GO6 package to include sea ice thickness DA
(edit) @11938   16 months dcarneir Reverting commit to version where only OBS scripts were updated.
(edit) @11936   16 months dcarneir Copying GO6 package branch to make changes related to sea-ice thickness DA
(edit) @11935   16 months dcarneir Changing SBC scripts (sbc_oce and sbcice_cice) to include sea ice …
(edit) @11932   16 months dcarneir Changes in OBS and SBC routines for sea ice thickness data assimilation
(edit) @11929   16 months dcarneir Changing diaobs.F90
(edit) @11928   16 months dcarneir Changes to include sea ice thickness data assimilation
(edit) @11898   16 months dcarneir Following up on Emma's branch to consolidate sea ice thickness updates for …
(edit) @11884   16 months timgraham Delete broken symlinks
(edit) @11883   16 months timgraham Mergerd in changes from Chris' working copy (except for symlink changes)
(edit) @11863   16 months kingr Merged recent changes to dev_r5518_obs_oper_update
(edit) @11842   16 months dford Fix to stochastic physics code to compile with key_dynldf_c3d, and relax …
(edit) @11828   16 months jpalmier DIRTY temporal debug
(edit) @11825   16 months dford New branch to slightly relax the Kw660 input check performed for MEDUSA, …
(edit) @11778   16 months jpalmier debug 4
(edit) @11776   16 months jpalmier debug 3
(edit) @11749   17 months marc Fix to OPA_SRC/TRD/trdtrc.F90, so I can run just the physical ocean with …
(edit) @11738   17 months marc The Dr Hook changes from my perl code.
(edit) @11733   17 months jpalmier more debug
(edit) @11728   17 months jpalmier debug
(edit) @11726   17 months jpalmier add Changes to enable Alkalinity geo-ingeneering tests within MEDUSA
(edit) @11721   17 months jpalmier Create branch for surface Alkalinity runs
(edit) @11643   17 months marc Adding in Dr Hook to our OMIP branch.
(edit) @11639   17 months rrenshaw regional mean and transport diagnostics added for reanalysis
(edit) @11635   17 months rrenshaw updated branch for amm7 reanalysis
(edit) @11634   17 months rrenshaw Add Rob's change ticket 246 to use surface data at coorect depth
(edit) @11559   18 months mattmartin Added code to include variable slip condition which is used by orca12 into …
(edit) @11557   18 months mattmartin Remove updated pressure correction branch as it has been merged into the …
(edit) @11556   18 months mattmartin Commit changes to bias pressure correction from ticket …
(edit) @11555   18 months mattmartin Code changes after Dan's review (comments and alignment changes only).
(edit) @11550   18 months rrenshaw implement Sarah's boundary changes, changeset 11328
(edit) @11547   18 months dford Deleting branch as changes committed to trunk.
(edit) @11546   18 months dford Add an observation operator for Kd490, and add some error checking so that …
(edit) @11545   18 months dford Specify an index for the xEPS diagnostic from FABM, for use by the …
(edit) @11484   18 months timgraham Merge in changes from GMED ticket 408 - Richard's fix for compatibility …
(edit) @11478   18 months mattmartin Include initial version of updated pressure correction by Mike Bell.
(edit) @11477   18 months mattmartin Update the pressure correction bias scheme
(edit) @11470   19 months kingr Branch to test SLA assim changes in NWS
(edit) @11469   19 months mattmartin Remove branch which has been merged into the main obs oper branch.
(edit) @11468   19 months mattmartin Merged changes to allow writing of climatological information to feedback …
(edit) @11464   19 months mattmartin Commit changes which are in one of Jennie's orca12 branches.
(edit) @11462   19 months kingr Changes committed back to dev_r5518_obs_oper_update
(edit) @11461   19 months kingr Updated check on min obs depth to use 3D depth array.
(edit) @11460   19 months mattmartin Minor changes.
(edit) @11456   19 months mattmartin First wrking version which produces correct seeming results.
(edit) @11455   19 months mattmartin Commit version which compiles and runs. Not fully tested that it is …
(edit) @11454   19 months jcastill Final changes to make the branch work in uncoupled mode
(edit) @11452   19 months jcastill Changes as in the original branch, plus one bug fix in oce.F90, plus …
(edit) @11451   19 months kingr Modified sheck on min obs deth to use 3D depth array.
(edit) @11450   19 months kingr Create a branch for fixing reassignment of depth of near-surface obs in …
(edit) @11449   19 months mattmartin Committed first version of changes to output climatology values at obs …
(edit) @11448   19 months jcastill Clean svn keywords
(edit) @11447   19 months jcastill Update of branch branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_new_runoff_coupling@9566 to r6232
(edit) @11444   19 months mattmartin Delete branch as now merged into dev_r5518_GO6_package_FOAMv14.
(edit) @11443   19 months kingr Revert previous commit.
(edit) @11442   19 months mattmartin Introduction of stochastic physics in NEMO, based on Andrea Storto's code. …
(edit) @11441   19 months dancopsey Make test greater than zero.
(edit) @11440   19 months mattmartin Update after Dan's review.
(edit) @11439   19 months kingr Removed section which changed obs depths where depth shallower than some …
(edit) @11438   19 months dancopsey Allow the user to turn off the creation of abort files. Merge in changes …
(edit) @11437   19 months mattmartin Create a branch for including climatology in the fdbk files
(edit) @11432   19 months csanchez Added changes from Bijoy to set cpl_mslp in a namelist
(edit) @11431   19 months csanchez Branch created for the coupling of MSLP from coupled system rathern than …
(edit) @11430   19 months csanchez Branch deleted, copied from the wrong branch
(edit) @11429   19 months csanchez Branch created to add code to read coupled mslp from OASIS coupling files
(edit) @11424   19 months mattmartin Remove the MAX statementsin zdftke which were added as part of the STOPACK …
(edit) @11420   19 months mattmartin Specify working precision for some new variables.
(edit) @11419   19 months mattmartin Reduce differences with the trunk by changing trabbl.F90 code.
(edit) @11417   19 months mattmartin Fixed bug in zdftke code for stopack.
(edit) @11404   19 months mattmartin Included control of the STOPACK options so that it can be switched on/off …
(edit) @11400   19 months mattmartin Getting it to compile.
(edit) @11399   19 months mattmartin Remove this branch as it is replaced by another.
(edit) @11394   19 months mattmartin First implementation of STOPACK in the GO6 package branch.
(edit) @11393   19 months mattmartin Create a branch for including stochastic model perturbations
(edit) @11384   19 months mattmartin Included Andrea Storto's STOPACK code into NEMO3.6 branch.
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