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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#1212 Bug in UBS (dynamic) & partial cells gm Bug closed normal
#1436 Possible invalid call to oasis_get_freqs smasson Bug closed normal
#1532 Merge of branch dev_r5204_CNRS_PISCES_dcy into the trunk. nemo Enhancement closed normal
#1537 wrong C preprocessor directives. nemo Bug closed normal
#1119 Reproducibility using enveloping bathymetry jchanut Bug closed low
#1137 Pb sbc_cpl_ice_tau wind stress on ice in "mixed oce-ice" coupling case smasson Bug closed low
#1165 definition of fr1_i0 and fr2_i0 in coupled mode? nemo Enhancement closed low
#1235 Division by zero in timing routines nemo Bug closed low
#1310 Allow specification of start hour djlea Enhancement closed low
#1311 Equatorial pressure correction djlea Enhancement closed low
#1314 Implement assimilation interface SETTE test djlea Enhancement closed low
#1357 Enhancement to allow the bdytmask to be read before optimisation of the mpp layout occurs jamesharle Enhancement closed low Unscheduled
#1359 Restartability issue without key_ldfslp gm Bug closed low
#1386 bug in ENE and ENS vorticity schemes with partial steps? gm Bug closed low Unscheduled
#1405 netCDF attributs missing in meshmask file nemo Defect closed low
#1406 useless time dimension in meshmask file nemo Defect closed low
#1413 bug in cumulate surface flux in bdyvol ? jchanut Bug closed low
#1418 Close the netcdf files in agrif_create_data.exe nemo Defect closed low
#1434 Tidal mixing energy in zdt_tmx with VVL nemo Defect closed low
#1477 Default of TEOS-10 in namelist_ref nemo Enhancement closed low
#1507 Errors in namcfg & namctl not reported correctly nemo Defect closed low
#1526 ln_tra_dmp / ln_tradmp nemo Enhancement closed low 2015 simplification
#1459 Code lines above 132 characters (source & after pre-processing) nemo Enhancement closed lowest
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