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Showing objects tagged with 'user'

Id Description Tags
Users Welcome to the NEMO forge agenda user
Users/Agenda agenda user
Users/Analysis Tools Analysis Tools user
Users/HPC_Optimisation HPC Optimisation HPC user
Users/Model Install Install the modelling framework (NEMO and XIOS) user
Users/Model Interfacing Model interfacing user
Users/Model Interfacing/Coupling Coupling with other models (OASIS, SAS, ...) OASIS SAS user
Users/Model Interfacing/Data Assimilation With data assimilation ASM OBS SAO TAM user
Users/Model Interfacing/Inputs Outputs Inputs-Outputs (using XIOS) XIOS user
Users/Model Interfacing/Nesting Coarsening Trough grid refinement (AGRIF nesting & coarsening) user
Users/Reference Configurations Reference Configurations user
Users/Reference Configurations/AMM12 AMM12 AMM* user
Users/Reference Configurations/C1D_PAPA C1D_PAPA C1D PAPA user
Users/Reference Configurations/GYRE_BFM GYRE_BFM BFM GYRE* user
Users/Reference Configurations/GYRE_PISCES GYRE_PISCES GYRE* PISCES user
Users/Reference Configurations/ORCA2_LIM3_PISCES ORCA2_LIM3_PISCES AGRIF LIM* ORCA2 PISCES user
Users/Reference Configurations/ORCA2_OFF_PISCES ORCA2_OFF_PISCES OFF ORCA2 PISCES user
Users/Reference Configurations/ORCA2_OFF_TRC ORCA2_OFF_TRC OFF ORCA2 TOP user
Users/Reference Configurations/ORCA2_SAS_LIM3 ORCA2_SAS_LIM LIM* ORCA2 SAS user
Users/Reference Configurations/SEABASS SEABASS SEABASS user
Users/Setup New Configuration Setting up a new configuration user
Users/Setup New Configuration/AGRIF-nesting-tool AGRIF nesting tools AGRIF user
Users/Setup New Configuration/Data-utilities-with-netcdf Data utilities with netcdf NetCDF* user
Users/Setup New Configuration/OPABAT OPABAT Tool user
Users/Setup New Configuration/Weight-creator Weight creator user
Users/Setup New Configuration/cdo-interpolation Interpolation with CDO NetCDF* user